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Liu Fryst-Eldur's Fursona Avatar
Name:Liu Fryst-Eldur in Orange City Offline
Species:Frostfire Dragon
Relationship:Single, Not Looking

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Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
Profile Views:5085
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PSN Name:ZeEk_MaKaRa
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Future Space for Blogs

Serifyna: hello :3 2842.9 days ago
«ΤhεΘгίgίηΚσσlίσ»♥: Ooh :3 fuzzy draco 2985.8 days ago
Cyril ZERO: hi there little one 2989.9 days ago
Lars: There's a big difference between being for attention and just having a conversation x3 beggars are Easy to spot by repetitiveness. 3004.4 days ago
Lars: Most of us are for sure, but like all communities, there's bad seeds too heh 3004.5 days ago
Lars: That's really awesome that you're so passionate about it, besides, I don't think your off at all 3004.5 days ago
Lars: Good! That's the best way x3 3004.6 days ago
Lars: Always do more art! :D 3004.6 days ago
Liu Fryst-Eldur: c: 3004.6 days ago
Lars: Cute picture! 3005.1 days ago
Liu Fryst-Eldur: It is still squished, though 3005.6 days ago
Liu Fryst-Eldur: New picture! 3006 days ago
Liu Fryst-Eldur: Drawing with one's finger is challenging. 3006.4 days ago
Liu Fryst-Eldur: Made a quick sketch for temporary representation. I swear that, at some point, I will go through with colouring a full picture. One that is in the right orientation so that it does not get stretched like this one. This got squished inward. Hnn. 3006.4 days ago
Liu Fryst-Eldur: Seems I am yet unadjusted to Florida. Despite my being here for a decent while. 3007 days ago

About Me:
I am a feathered/furred dragon, and a rather small one at that- to my disappointment. I love to draw both traditionally and digitally when I get the chance. It is more of a compulsion, if I am to be completely honest. This is in addition to my devotion to the art form known as video games. I one day hope to make art for video games. That, or become a mangaka, although that seems much farther off. If you have any questions for me, do ask them. I must learn to be more sociable, or so I am told.
If you would like better contact with me, try my new art blog on tumblr. It is Liu-FrystEldur. I would love to draw something for you! (I need practise...)

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