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㆚єρɦyя Łυรтɓσяи's Fursona Avatar
Name:㆚єρɦyя Łυรтɓσяи in Offline
State:New Jersey
Species:Lust Folf
Relationship:Single and Looking

Domination and Submission
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Last Active:09-15-2017 22:23 PM
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Distance: Miles
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SecondLife Name:rileythefolf

Future Space for Blogs

Lady Severin: Thank you 98.2 days ago
snow: another random wolf saying hello 101.4 days ago
Stormii: Hi hi add me on Kik if you'd ever feel up for a romp ;3 127.9 days ago
jinx: add me to private chatroom 202.3 days ago
Noxik: Aww thankies dear! 207.1 days ago
Saphira : Hahahaha yeah?? 237.6 days ago
Lunos: Hehehehe, i did say enter at your own risk 238.1 days ago
Lunos: Hehe, enter at your eyes' risk x3 239.2 days ago
Lunos: Can't handle the trippy? :P 239.3 days ago
Pill : Cause Why not boop you? 239.9 days ago
Pill : Boop 240.1 days ago
Saphira : Love the picture 243.8 days ago
Silas Ghost: By the way i like your avatar! 245.4 days ago
storm bloodbane: ty hun _ 251.5 days ago
Kendrawr: Mmm, thank you c: Yours is very nice as well. 254.3 days ago
Kendrawr: O Hai :D 262.4 days ago
Paymon: Don't make me pin you down Zephy 266.9 days ago
Shivurs: Cuteness! 271.2 days ago
💕 Aurora 💕: My wall 274.8 days ago
Rawrt: Aww thank you x3! 278.3 days ago
Paymon: Zeph, add me on Skype, we can talk there 279.2 days ago
Driana Le Souris: Thank you for that compliment. I know I haven't responded, uhm, just really don't like answering private messages. 286 days ago
Maddox: Thanks hun. 286.3 days ago
Cynergi: nips 312.2 days ago
Yancy Bells: :( 362 days ago
Nantonii : Hi 362 days ago
Lars: Lol thanks 367.1 days ago
Paymon: I am not a cutieee 371.5 days ago
Aurora : Places my paw print on the wall 381.4 days ago
Riley The Husky: Hey thanks for welcoming me, even though I've been on this site for a little while! :D 386.2 days ago
Syn: heya! -hugs the cute wolf- I hope you don't mind :) 412.5 days ago
Ghost: My pet puppy 419.2 days ago
Iota and Freyr: Heelloooooo there, sexy! 420.3 days ago
Ghost: Curls up on his wall and grins 421.1 days ago
Ghost: Hi hi! 421.5 days ago
SilverBolt: Rawr :F 424.5 days ago
buff werewolves: hi 490.3 days ago
YappiePanRockinaPa: I have not been on for 54 days and wanted to start saying hello to others again 523.4 days ago
Źõęÿ: Interesting pic and profile 523.5 days ago
Rezziel Zioto: Read your profile a few times and thought I'd say hi. So Xenocriss to you good sir. 524.6 days ago
Amy Hoppings: My little cherry boy 532.5 days ago
Charuna: cute 533.6 days ago
Soapyotter: very rawry! chirpchirpchirp! 536.3 days ago
Spots: Cute folf :3 537.1 days ago
Amy Hoppings: You look sexy yourself, Mr. Wolf 544.6 days ago
Soapyotter: chirpchir churrrr! hey there 558.1 days ago
Kieran Frost: You're welcome 586.6 days ago
Soapyotter: yarfyarfyarf! 587 days ago
Kieran Frost: Cute picture 587.4 days ago
Soapyotter: stripping lays off of a cute femmie type nad finding some frilly panties is having christmas with a bow on it . hi! 588.1 days ago
Zuulass: you also seem familiar 591.4 days ago
Kieran Frost: Holy goodness look at chu ;) 594.7 days ago
Katie : Hai, thanks for the comment, i always love to talk with femboys, they are so adorable and so fun to play with 604.4 days ago
Charlie: Alien bud! 613.2 days ago
Źõęÿ: Your cock is to big for size small panties 613.5 days ago
Ashley Redtail: Well thank you 623.6 days ago
Ashley Redtail: Well thank you 623.6 days ago
Ashley Redtail: How so? 623.6 days ago
❄️ Stormfur ❄️: Hello fuzzy 626.2 days ago
Źõęÿ: Thank you 627.4 days ago
Isabella: whats a lust folf? 711.4 days ago
Snow : Mrow 715.3 days ago

About Me:

Soundcloud: XenosGM

My younger brother..yes in real life...was shot in front of my eyes in the chest three times on 4/23/17...So forgive me if I seem a little off...This will not be removed off my wall...I really miss him...He was 14...

Whatever happens to me in real life also happens to Zephyr.


Full Name: Zephyr Lustborn
Sexuality: Pansexual
Species: Lust Folf

Voice Link -
Normal: https://youtu.be/Bi1mWVbSIRM
Femboy Form Voice Link: https://youtu.be/Gp2nJdy5t5k?t=6m17s
Beastly Form Voice Link: https://youtu.be/zqi4F5vWaM8
Lust Form: Same as normal form.

His mother was a fox on earth, but his father was a wolf and king of planet Lusteria. Which is the origin of his last name. Zephyr was never much to think about his royal bloodline, he had only seen his father once anyway. His mother had raised him until he was 10, until she was killed protecting him from scientists who were trying to steal Zephyr to do experiments on him.

Zephyr tends to be friendly 24/7. He is also very, VERY playful. Once you start with him he won't stop. Either playing with him normally or sexually is the way to keep him a friend for life.

((Don't freak out!! I can tone this down all the way to nonsexual if wanted to, just tell me hehe))
Lusteria natives secrete seductive hormones in the air, just like a normal mammal would do on earth, but it is ten times stronger, and fills the one who smells it with intense lust. This seductive hormone is also in the pre and sweat. Plus, Lusteria males tend to have bigger testicles due to their need to breed. It isn’t too hard to tell who has had action, you can just notice their swollen balls, filled to the brim with their potent seed. Zephyr is unfortunate enough to have this in his bloodline, being easily seduced and turnt on. Also having the sex drive of 10 males during mating season...He tries to ignore and deny these traits but he cant help it, it is in his nature. Finally, if brought to the point of being teased and seduced enough, he will be a sexual beast, his lust taking over his entire body, making him intent on filling his sexual partner to the brim....just one load could be half a gallon...but he is overall trying his best to fit in.

Abilties: Not only can Zephyr heal others with the strange blue energy seen. He can also morph and affect the things he touches with it. That includes growth and shrinking. It is a very basic magic that gets stronger as he grows older. It will also turn purple for a special kind of magic, Lust Magic. Lust Magic is a strange kind of magic that sends sexual pleasure to anywhere it touches. Most times, it also makes the target fill with dominance.

Basically there is no set limit to how much he can cum, plus it can be absorbed into the body and converted into mass. Such as fat, muscle, or just normal mass to make your character grow bigger without changing proportions drastically. Also just the body proportion can be changed. One more thing is that the cum is used like energy and can strictly be used as power for the body, giving a boost to whatever powers your character may have or just straight up super strength.

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