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Robbie's Fursona Avatar
Name:Robbie in Houston Offline
Relationship:Single and Looking

Texan fuzzems
furries looking for mastersmistresses
Member ID:14634
Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
Profile Views:5794
Distance: Miles
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Future Space for Blogs

Sam: Hey hey :3 1266 days ago
Samuel: Ellis :3 1688.5 days ago
Pomegranite Wolverhampton III: Extends paw, shyly Hello, nice to meet you 1697.7 days ago
Shivurs: Hello 1699.2 days ago
Artemida: Thanks for the positive comment on my wall :) 1810.6 days ago
PotatoFur: Mine ? 1811.4 days ago
Iota and Freyr: Heelloooooo there, sexy! 1820.6 days ago
Ghost: Peeking back :3 1821.3 days ago
Soapyotter: chirp chirp 1827.8 days ago
Lokyr: Saw you peeping at my peofile. Thought i'd leave a permanent mark on your wall! BWAHAHAHAHAHA 1829.9 days ago
Akaiya: Hello hello. 1895.2 days ago
🐾shyfox🐾: licks ur wall leaving tiny kitty tongue and nose prints 1901.8 days ago
Val: Heya 1902.8 days ago
Zero Meow Morozzi: Thanx 1903.4 days ago
Akaiya: You posted on my file. Nice to meet you. 1904.3 days ago
Akaiya: Yo. 1904.3 days ago
JJ: Wanna Kik? 1906.5 days ago
Sam: Hi :3 1906.6 days ago
JJ: Hi there 1906.7 days ago
Soapyotter: similar, ott works a demanding job so 13h day today and headed home, not sure either gonna social or sleep lol. Tomorrow is aday off and a cause for joy, herbs and sudz sound like lots of fun, maybe some tender if the occasion or situation develops, id love to chittur about daily doings, summer is here and that's something 1907.2 days ago
Soapyotter: hey there yourself cutie, hows your long weekend going? 1907.2 days ago
Soapyotter: wuff! 1907.3 days ago

About Me:
Talk to me, folks. I'm an open book. Feel free to kik me anytime.
I *love* getting messages from strangers. ^^

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