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Zero Meow Morozzi's Fursona Avatar
Name:Zero Meow Morozzi in Altoona Offline
Species:Black panther (Annucca)
Relationship:Single and Looking
Member ID:13915
Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
Profile Views:7881
Distance: Miles
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Future Space for Blogs

Aurora : How have you been 2064.4 days ago
Aurora : Places my paw print on your wall 2068.7 days ago
Paymon: Thanks for the welcome And you look amazing 2114.3 days ago
Etan: hey thank you :) 2131.6 days ago
Ditsiline McCloud: Sorry for the delay, but thanks for the welcome 2143.5 days ago
Kage kaos: Hi there. 2176.8 days ago
Robbie: Stellar fro, bro. 2194.6 days ago
Driana Le Souris: Then don't read it? 2196.5 days ago
Charuna: panther 2218.2 days ago
Charuna: hello there Panter 2218.2 days ago
Kaycee : Who's is a Nya? 2221.6 days ago
Echo: Cheers for the welcome 2241.7 days ago
🔥firestorm🔥: Hey 2269.6 days ago
Persephone: Thank you for the warm welcome, Mr. Zero! 2289.5 days ago
Kryst4l: chair rape? 2337.6 days ago
Flicker: Yo happy smoking uwu 2419.5 days ago
Nexus: That fro though!! 2435.4 days ago
Jay: Your walls virginity is mine bwahaha! :3 2458.5 days ago

About Me:
Hello. I have heard good things of this web site. I have tried a few other sites that were 'pay to use'. I am single and looking for a mate. I am a physical furry (the only distance i like is the travel time to meet someone). I WILL go out of my mind if I try to have a long distance only relationship. I love to eat pizza (za) with ranch, cooking simple meals and going out to eat at basic eateries. I also play video games over my computer and on a console. I own two cats. I love going to conventions and rocking out at raves.

And now for Zero. Zero is a genetically engineered being from the DNA of a rare entity of the Annuccian race. His predecessor, Petalow Degonzar, Was used to nearly whip out and entire race of Silverene wolves all for the sport of another. But during the battle, Petazar was torn a sunder and his soul thrown into the depths of space as to it formed a soul drive star and fell onto a Newly forged planet, called Iizzo. A young Annucca found this star and touched it for he was drawn towards its soft blue glow. Suddenly a flash of red blinded the young cat and the stone was gone. Zero fell into a daze for a week in the depths of the jungle near his home town. During that time, he spoke with the soul within himself. Discovering its past Zero vowed to help it regain its real body. But, the soul said no... I want yours. It began to reform Zero's own anatomy to its will and when he emerged from the forest... he was never the same again.

I am 6 feet tall and around 230 lbz. The fro on my head is real.

If you wish to know more, please just message Zero to find out that which you want to know.

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