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Bunkins's Fursona Avatar
Name:Bunkins in Flagstaff Offline

Huskies of FurrTrax
Member ID:12757
Last Active:07-03-2022 13:24 PM
Profile Views:10315
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Future Space for Blogs

baro: Oh hey ever want to rp -hugs- 60.6 days ago
Bunkins: I love you too with all my heart my love hugs and snuggle back 129.7 days ago
furries love: love you babe hugs and snuggles 129.7 days ago
SacroBiBear: Hewow! I'm new here... 130.7 days ago
EverestHusky: Well hello there! I'm the blue husky so come around and join me! Aroo, let's have some fun and krazy! 204.4 days ago
Bunkins: nice I like your profile pic 217.4 days ago
LZ: Same. sits in a chair 218.4 days ago
Bunkins: hi there im doing good hbu? 219.4 days ago
LZ: Hi, how are u? 224.4 days ago
Bunkins: nice to meet you too 308.4 days ago
Yellow: Haven't seen you around before. Nice to meet you. 310.7 days ago
Loki: Hello? I heard you're single and looking. 423.9 days ago
furries love: OwU hugs and kisses OwU 423.9 days ago
Metalfan85: (squeak) 994 days ago
Yuki: Boop! 1003.2 days ago
Metalfan85: Hello there waves 1205.1 days ago
Yuri Jaxis Wolfen: Oh a fluffy husky, Hello u 1205.4 days ago
SShubunkins35: I'm pretty active 1365.3 days ago
Keirin: How energy is the husky 1374.3 days ago
Keirin: How energy is the husky 1374.3 days ago
SShubunkins35: Hi there tail wags 1375.3 days ago
Keirin: Why hello 1379.5 days ago
Keirin: Why hello 1379.5 days ago
SShubunkins35: // tail wags 1590.2 days ago
Lyo Burnside: Wuskyyy 1590.4 days ago
SShubunkins35: hi there hugs back 2352.3 days ago
SShubunkins35: yay, thank you w 2480 days ago
Shadowcat: your page is no longer virgin, and you have been pounced 2481.5 days ago

About Me:
my name is Shubunkins the Husky, bunkins for short. I'm a metal husky mostly I like to play guitar. I've play guitar since middle school. I like art, music, concerts, carnivals, and video games.

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