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Cain's Fursona Avatar
Name:Cain in Council Bluffs Offline
Species:Otterlike Cyborg
Relationship:Single and Looking

The Otterborg
Member ID:12541
Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
Profile Views:9587
Distance: Miles
Skype:Hidden from Guests
Kik:Hidden from Guests
YIM:Hidden from Guests
FurAffinity:Hidden from Guests
Facebook:Hidden from Guests
SecondLife Name:Cain Reitveld
PSN Name:crlcan81
XBOX Gamertag:crlcan81

Future Space for Blogs

Draggy the Deaf Scalies: Thank you 2910.1 days ago
Draggy the Deaf Scalies: Thank you snuggles 3012.6 days ago
DarkXander: This user has been banned! Goodbye to all the fake statements of security breaches! 3071.3 days ago
Cain: I never said I hacked, I am SOMEWHAT tech savy, it's ME who's the one who accesses the stuff, NORMAL users can, and I was told this by someone who KNOWS YOU XANDER!!!!!! 3071.4 days ago
DarkXander: This user claims he is tech savy, and able to hack, and claims that he has access to furrtrax admin functions, yet he doesnt even know what a subnet mask is, he pretends to be a cyberpunk, but he is simply not capable. 3071.4 days ago
Kix: oh hey yeah, that's me 3075.2 days ago
🐾blaze🐾the🐾wolf🐾 : Haha old friend I see u still trying ur moves x3 3075.3 days ago
Fesothe: GRAMOFLOOF! 3076.4 days ago
grey1ninefurry: aaww . 3079.5 days ago
Musica Wolfsbane: Come here 3081.5 days ago
Musica Wolfsbane: Come on Cain 3081.5 days ago
Zef: (Scribblescrawls on otter walls) 3082.1 days ago
Koda Wolfgang: Hey Cain! Could you do me a favor and post in the IM idea? My phone won't let me do it, but I love the idea! 3082.3 days ago
vampire: thank you! 3082.7 days ago
Nathaniel Kain: Thanks it's just a temp till I can find a good way to color it. 3083.5 days ago
Harmony Mystheart: aww i will try and fix it 3084.2 days ago
Harmony Mystheart: hi 3084.6 days ago
Caramelcarnation: Well thank you sir for telling my name is cute :3 3085.3 days ago
Air: I am a sexy British wolf. 3085.6 days ago
Air: Rawr. That is all. 3085.6 days ago
Djonny: thank you for the compliment. 3086.1 days ago
Musica Wolfsbane: Is there any other way we can talk? I can't answer my messages on the mobile app for some reason 3088.2 days ago
Musica Wolfsbane: Is there any other way we can talk? I can't answer my messages on the mobile app for some reason 3088.2 days ago
Musica Wolfsbane: Skype me, I can message better on there 3088.2 days ago
Musica Wolfsbane: Failed Corruption Project 3088.2 days ago
MrTwinky: There is no miss 3088.2 days ago
Musica Wolfsbane: I can change the picture if you wish, but Im not the guy you think I am. I was just to lazy to put one on lol 3088.4 days ago
💖Mint💖: (giggles) Well thank you. You're profile picture is pretty nice yourself. 3089 days ago
Tsukai: Well apparently I'm mated then... and I haven't had much time to fill anything out yet. 3089.2 days ago
Zef: Itza Cybotter! How's it going? 3089.3 days ago
Tengu Omega Ballator: Perhaps we can take that discussion to kik if you'd like? 3090.2 days ago
Tengu Omega Ballator: XD You are too nice. Stahp it. 3090.3 days ago
«ΤhεΘгίgίηΚσσlίσ»♥: Now the profile's fine :3 3090.8 days ago
Tengu Omega Ballator: Indeed, I am a gamer gamerpanda xD 3091.4 days ago
💖 Sweet Puppy 💖 : Hey hun. Its because Xander is getting rid of all the profile gallery things. 3091.4 days ago
Ether,God of the underworld: Hello 3092 days ago
«ΤhεΘгίgίηΚσσlίσ»♥: Can't read your profile on mobile, friend. 3092.8 days ago
Mike Furry: bearcat's are part teddy! 3092.9 days ago
Mike Furry: . 3093.9 days ago
Mike Furry: no no, not all all, you are seeing things... yp... because the belly is hidden. 3093.9 days ago
Eriont: Cute otter. 3095.5 days ago
Koda Wolfgang: Happy holidays indeed my friend! 3095.9 days ago

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Banned For: Bringing Down Community Morale

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Your friendly neighborhood otterborg.

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