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Edvin's Fursona Avatar
Name:Edvin in City Offline
Species:Undead Wolf
Relationship:Single and Looking

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About Me:
Fear, the motive that drives most actions and crimes committed on a regular basis. None know of the power that fear truly possesses when utilized correctly. As an undead assailant, my job is to make sure that order is kept amongst the living and to protect them from the brutality of other-worldly forces. The scar across my right eye that radiates a red glow in the moonlight is a sign that evil rears its head once more to unleash the inner terror that is confined deep inside. Sure I suppose some may back down or submit to the inner darkness, but I have more control over that than anyone ever has had here. The insanity and darkness drive my powers beyond tenfold their normal limit when provoked to the highest extent, though it's rare that they go beyond that. Before my untimely death I lived a causal life, being the town's alchemist and medicinal expert. But one fatal encounter changed everything about my life; a scourge from a darker land took my blessed dagger and cut my chest open with jealousy and spite. The following morning they mourned over my body, seeing how mangled it had become throughout the night. It was then that one person, in a brown cloak, spoke up and said "I can revive him". The townspeople laughed, but soon turned to shock as the cloaked figure sowed up my carcass and poured life water onto it. Mere moments after pouring the water I awoke to find myself stitched up at each joint, even with a seam that ran down the center of my face. "You're going to be fine," the figure said and with that he vanished out of mere sight as I passed out from the sight of the seams. I awoke hours later, finding a sword and a scythe on each side of my bed. A voice called out to me, as if beckoning and said "The time for you to choose has come." The weapons glowed a bright green aura and beckoned to my paws. I extended both paws out, grabbing the sword and scythe at the same time. "The path you are about to choose is one filled with ill-will and little happiness," the voice boomed, "You'll strive to protect those who you care for and bring utter hell to those who harm you or those you protect. A life filled fueled with tenacity and ferocity while holding lingering sentiments in your past to fuel you with ambition and desire for the goals you want to achieve." I kept my grip, even tightened it to ensure that I would not let go. "If this is the path you wish to follow, then your destiny has been chosen," the voice called and faded off into the distance. I arose from the bed with sword and scythe in hand and exited the room. To this day I have not found the hooded figure that gave me eternal life from beyond the grave, but one thing is for sure; when evil beckons onto this plane of existence I will be there to terminate its tether to this world even if it costs me my life. At the point at which I realized that life gave more opportunity, seeing which I could not physically die by normal human restraints, I began training off yonder away from society for only the fear of a sewn embodiment would cause fear and panic. I grew to master the blade I held and decided to enhance it with a remnant of my ill-bodied spirit. The blade blindingly shown a red aura in which drove my scar to shine radiantly. As with the blade's successful transmutation with the energy, I proceeded to do the same with the scythe. But unbeknownst to my knowledge the scythe reacted differently than the sword emanating a blackened aura. The aura contorted my mind to which I lost all sanity but gained control of insanity. With this newfound power over insanity, I gained a new form that could only be awakened when pushed to the fullest extent. As I travel these dusky roads in search of my friend who had been consumed by the imminent darkness that lay ahead, I questioned the thought of whether it was remorse I felt for him or a form of tragedy that had befallen my comrade for giving in too quickly. Nevertheless I continue my search, relentlessly seeking my comrade in hopes to pull him from his darkened nightmare and to return to a world where he would be safe from harm. My name is Edvin WindWulf and I shall not rest till I have reclaimed what I have lost.

Top section is a little biographical detail about how my fursona/me came to be.

I do own a partial fursuit made by Que, owner of Quescostumes. Picture is posted as a link as to what it looks like (also have it posted on my FurAffinity) :3 Would be interested in meeting up with people/furries as well as furries with partial suits/full suits to hang out or go suiting at furmeets or meetups, even though I am in the middle of nowhere and about three hours from other local PA furries xD

In other words, I am pink undead wolf looking for friends and possibly more. Anything can happen with time and luck. Aside from being a pink wolf, I'm an avid listener of 80's music (Duran Duran, Journey, Phil Collins, (only to name a few)) as well as modern music and other genres. Also into b-horror movies as well as horror in its genre (not for the bloodshed, but more for the suspense and tension that film makers can stitch together). I am a gamer fur as well, feel free to hit me up on Steam.

Though I may only have a backstory of my fursona as well as a little bit about myself, I do have more to me but would rather keep it as minor secrets to be revealed along the way :3

Feel free to either contact me via here, Steam, or on my FA through a note to know more :3

I did list my Skype here, however tell me that you are from here if you add me otherwise the request will be rejected

I do have a Kik, though if you plan on messaging me on there just be sure to let me know you're from FurrTrax

Edvin Windwulf - Partial Suit:
Edvin Windwulf - Training (Not by me, commissioned irapstart on FurAffinity to do this piece):

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