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♡Toxic♡'s Fursona Avatar
Name:♡Toxic♡ in Gorham Offline
Species:Fox (Odd colored)
Relationship:Single and Looking

Member ID:11139
Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
Profile Views:5392
Distance: Miles
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Future Space for Blogs

m1tt3n: Wow! 448 days ago 2062.8 days ago
m1tt3n: visiting maine furr awhile 2511.3 days ago
herio: human walks in this place looking for a furrie 2643.4 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Boop! 2772.7 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Boop! 2772.7 days ago
Uks Silvercast: wasup! 2772.8 days ago
Daionor: cool, ive always wanted a mouse as a pet tbh, they just seem fun to take care of to me, i dunno XD anyways, hope youre doing good 2777 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: If you ever need to rant or just have a shoulder to lean on, I'm here for you, Toxee! 2777.4 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Boop 2777.9 days ago
Daionor: you has mouseys OwO 2778.5 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: snorts and starts laughing Mama Toxic? Is that your new nickname? 2778.7 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Boops nose 2778.9 days ago
Bobbins: Lol hi I like your profile pic it makes me smile 2780.5 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: By the way, I saw the music you have... Enchanting... Utterly enchanting... 2782.9 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Okay! Hope I get to talk more with you later! :3 2782.9 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Hello! Nice to see you around! ... That's good... Means you are not dead... Which is good... 2782.9 days ago
Shikun: i hope you are doing good ;) 2783.2 days ago
Shikun: hey there little fox ! 2783.2 days ago
TroubleMaker: Ohh okay just double checking. Feel better sweetheart. 2783.5 days ago
TroubleMaker: so.. glow sticks make you glow more? or just the same? 2783.5 days ago
Kittora: welcome to FT 2785.1 days ago
Atta: hey there welcome to furrtrax! message me anytime if ya wanna talk and be friends owo 2785.7 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Welcome! I hope you enjoy the site! :D 2785.7 days ago
🐺EnthusiasticPup (Leo 😸): Welcome to Furrtax Foxy, like the pic hope you enjoy your stay and if you need help with anything HMU, hehe sorry if I seem a bit clingy at first kitty loves to help and chat with everyone. Dueces 2786.1 days ago

About Me:
Mm~ Ask any question, and you'll likely get an answer.

Current Kik Status: Glitchy, but should recieve messages around 70% of the time.

((Also! The artwork is credited to my real life friend Harper, who drew the avi for me ;u; I thought I should explain since I got asked a few times.))

Now that I have time, I'll put a few details here. If I ever stop responding suddenly, whether it be here or on Kik or some other messaging system, chances are I fell asleep, or had to go do something for my parents. Please, please forgive me for this.

In addition to the last thing, I usually have my phone on 24/7-- So, if it's late, and I'm on FurrTrax, it doesn't hurt to message me, but you have a 50/50 shot on if I'll be at my phone. Please, again. /please/ be patient!

If you have absolutely any question, I'll answer it!

Behind The Screen..
Name: Rachel
Nickname(s): Toxic, Toxi, etc..
Birthday: May 4
Current Age: 19
Major obsessions (* = yes, ** = ok now we're talkin', *** = holy shit you can't shut me up about it): *Homestuck, **netflix, **youtube, ***Achievement Hunters/Rooster Teeth

Now.. About my Fursona-

Name: Toxic
Nickname(s): Toxi, Toxicakes, Tox
Species: Oddly colored fox
Habits: Smoking (Uses a vaporizor mostly, sometimes normal cigarettes), gnaws on glowsticks, short tempered, inappropriate jokes, energy drink lover, persistant with cuddling, lazy, and a bunch of other stuff that will poke through.
Astrology sign: Taurus
Major markings/Noticeable traits: Tongue, nose, unmentionable bits glow a glowstick/radioactive green in the dark. Although her fur is the same color, it is only blacklight reactive.
Personality: Depends on the situation. One moment she can be happy, bubbly and cuddly, while the next she can be sarcastic, mean and ungodly. Basically the "Golden Rule" standard of "Treats Others The Way She Wants To Be Treated". Unless you piss her off. Then you get snipped at. Then you deserve it. By theory, anyway.
Major Dislikes to be known: Clowns, vomit, heavy heavy gore (dismemberment, intestine play, etc).

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