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Name:Cooler in Not Sharing Offline
Relationship:Single and Looking

Domination and Submission
Music Furs
Latex Rubber and Other Kinky Things
Furries of Secondlife
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obsidian inari: hi nice pic 783.8 days ago
Mr Hammer: Hey 2277.7 days ago
Ashley Redtail: Neko? 2342.6 days ago
Tav: Haven't seen ya in a bit! 2359.3 days ago
octibit: hello 2364.6 days ago
Sir Trenton: Miss you, hon'! 2597.9 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Nice new avatar! nwn 2613.9 days ago
Flora Eclair MagicCaster: Your wall I rub my scent all over it 2614.7 days ago
Blue Wolf: love your bio 2623.3 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Hai again! owo 2661.7 days ago
Cooler: XD 2683.8 days ago
🐾Mallow🐾: Until I found you! You're.. Cooler... ohh!! :3 2683.8 days ago
🐾Mallow🐾: I've always thought I was cool.. 2683.8 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Pretty! 2687 days ago
hopebunny: thanks for good well wish im work on it 2687.3 days ago
Damascus Del Sol: Where in missouri? i lived in Eldon and Jefferaon city. 2721.8 days ago
TroubleMaker: Sounds like a pretty good plan. Maybe this weekend we xan grab that drink. 2724.1 days ago
Fenrir Bloodmoon: thanks, pretty awesome your self 2731.3 days ago
Cooler: Always looking for new drinking buddies. KIK anytime! 2732.1 days ago
ShadowMoon: it would be fun to stab thruur throat matt u try anything like tht again 2741.3 days ago
matt: sure was fun kicking ass 2744.6 days ago
ShadowMoon: kisses his lovly mate embracing her in his paws 2745.7 days ago
Soupish: My apologies, I was in a League of Legends game, but it seems you have corrected your problem! Welcome to Furrtrax!! 2746.7 days ago

About Me:

Project name: Cooler

  • Age: 30

  • Height:5’7”

  • Weight: 165 lbs.

  • Build: Athletic/ toned

  • Hair: Brown w/ Blonde Streaks, Normally wears her hair in thick curls to hide her wolf ears and muffle pitch, but occasionally will straighten her hair, allowing her ears free to view.

  • Eyes: Green

  • Skin: Tan

  • Fur: Light irrdescent blue with soft red and purple underbelly

  • Style: For testing and training she wears an assigned compression leotard. She figured if she had to wear the stupid thing, might as well go all the way. Added a matching pair of thigh high boots and fishnet stockings! During leisure times she dresses simple. Usually in a tube top, jean capris, and heels. But will never been seen out and about without her Orange leather jacket.

  • Drinker: Frequent, Prefers hard liquor

  • Smoker: Yes…well, no. Quitting Suuuucks!

  • Martial Art: Hung Gar as a child, Shotokan as an Adult

  • Sexuality: Bi Sexual

Bedroom: Submissive, Masochistic and anything else she shares with her mate(s) only.

  • Mate/Master:

  • Family: Wiped from memory

Birth name: Colette Cole

Specimen #: 4B-62903

Tag Date and time: 062106-0732

Type: Weaponized Were-wolf

Directive: CLASSIFIED Lvl.2

Hunter: Project Markuz (Deactivated)


Treatment Update: Off Schedule till further notice


Hunters Notes:

2215- Subject seen entering the bar “Pyro”. Seated herself at a booth meeting up with two of her associates. According to intel, associates have been identified as Rusty/Age 29 and Zigler/Age 27. Conversation contained nothing out the ordinary.

2340- Subject and associates pay tabs and move outside. Subject lights cigarette before heading west down 1st Ave.

2354- Subject takes a right turn up Prospect as predicted. Continuing to follow subject on foot.

0020- Casually caught up to subject keeping pace exactly 30 steps behind. Can since subject heart rate rising. Proceeding to engage.

0024- Subject is down, but not unconscious. Subject ready for extraction……… Subjects blood is absolutely delicious.

Update: Objective- Confirm project deceased. If alive, Return with Subject and associate.

Intel Updates:

  • Currently being courted By a ShadowMoon. No information in file.

  • 2 recent recordings of unauthorized use of implants collected. Data being reviewed by team.

  • Communication with Location collar has been deactivated, self destruct activated, Markuz deployed for search and confirmation.

Psych Notes:

Session 7: When subject is asked what she remembers, she claims that nothing comes to mind but her name. Hypnosis doesn’t affect the Subject in anyway. After the start of treatments, she was able to recall the last few minutes before she was stricken by Project Marcus.

Subject remembers locking eyes with the unfortunate soul taken down before her. Subject claims to have seen the fear in him before he fell before her, clawed and bloodied. Just behind where the man was standing, was a large ferocious beast. Subject claims he could have stood well over 7ft. tall. The eyes she claims, was what made her fear the beast. Subject says, “Its eyes took hold of my heart and violently pierced my soul”. After a moment’s pause she goes on to tell us she went into fight or flight mode and just took off running. Said she would normally fight her way out of most situations, but knew she would win if she tried. Claims she made it as far as the end of the street when she came to a sudden halt. Subject felt and very sharp and hot pain along the center of her spine. After that she remembers lying still on the cold pavement and hearing, “its voice…cold, maniacal, and metallic”.


Lab Notes:

Subject is responding well to implants and treatments, but is fighting full transformation. Even in sleep state with the maximum contraception dosage, she somehow resists possible maximum potential. Subject has been tested on the course and shows promise as well as unstable emotional concerns. I recommend that she be allowed to be placed out in the field.

Implants Given:

  • One sided Razor knife implant-Tip of the tail

  • Metallic claws with lethal mercury injectors-Paws and feet

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