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Nyl N's Fursona Avatar
Name:Nyl N in Kissimmee Offline
Species:Siberian Jackal
Relationship:Rather Not Say

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Last Active:04-20-2015 07:56 AM
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SecondLife Name:Nope.
PSN Name:Huruko
XBOX Gamertag:Nada.

Future Space for Blogs

Nyl N: I'd like to apologize for my extremely long absence. Things have been considerably tough for me, meaning little to no free time. 1565.8 days ago
Nyl N: Thank you! However, I want to clarify it doesn't belong to me, but my sona looks awfully similar. 1627.6 days ago
Marxy Fox: Sweet profile picture 1627.6 days ago
Nyl N: I am great, thank you for asking! 1629.4 days ago
Demon: Hello there how are you? 1629.4 days ago
Demon: Hello there how are you? 1629.4 days ago
Nyl N.: Oh, that doesn't work. It's Violet MagicCaster, I read her name off of Skype. 1629.4 days ago
Nyl N.: http:furrtrax.comindexsub.php?moduleprofileuser2227 1629.4 days ago
Soupish: Flora Magic? 1629.4 days ago
Nyl N.: I notice alotta you guys look at my profile more often than once, I'm curious if I come off as imposing or unappealing. Hopefully I can clarify that I absolutely support chatting on here and kik, however I am known to be very busy (by one person so far) at times. I also have a bad habit of forgetting, do not feel like you are an nuisace for nudging me too much. I can get you want my attention, and I appreciate you try to! I also can't manage every conversation topic alone. You have to offer a few things yourself, that'll surely get my chatty mojo going. Thank you! 1629.6 days ago

About Me:
Hello! My name is Nyl. Very simple, so you'll never forget! I'm an enthusiastic writer and gamer. I also like tinkering with computer repairs and helping with setting up websites. "CS5 Dreamweaver" is my luff. PS, I'm a furry, but I do like a little bit of MLP since I draw and write stories based in that universe sometimes. I'm the laid back type, I won't go shoving the stupid fandom down your throat.

I also love anime, so if you wanna talk about it, go for it. =P

I'm totally open to getting invites on PSN, please leave that you are also from here in your friend request!

Writing is my big hobby. I am helping with a few mini projects! I also write small stories per request.

I also roleplay. The clean genres I am very familiar with as of late are action, slice of life, romance, and grim-dark.

This is a big chunk about my character, Nyliax:

Name: Nyliax

Surname/Codename: Azores

Age: Twenty-Seven

Gender: Male

Species: Siberian Jackal (Canine)

OoB: Ky'linrath, K'oraul, District 8

Birthday: October 10th

Height: 6 Ft.

Weight: Nosy bastard!...Healthy enough.

Eyes: Emerald

Hair color: White

Fur color: White

Favorite Food: Medium-Rare filet mignon with a Caesar's salad.

Favorite Drinks: White Apple and Cherry juice or whiskey.

Favorite Music/Bands: Rock N' Roll, Video Game music/ Guns N' Roses, Transistor OST, Castlevania

Favorite Movie: Inception

Favorite Book: ???

Favorite color: Mahogany.

Favorite Treat: Strawberry Cheesecake.

Accent: Light German mixed with Syrian.

Parental Status: Father to his children Rhys and Echo!


[Confidential]: [REDACTED]

Hunter: Freely hunts game for either; a meal, supplements, or trading

Free-Lance Assistant/Mercenary: Paid to perform a task via contract, or in-person.

Fence: Acquitted to trade for stolen goods; reasons asked why he does so is forbidden.

Devoted Father: If this doesn't make sense, shoo!

Personality: (+ to - ) Calm, selfless, honest, loyal, (very) playful, charming, loving, protective, understanding, curious, mischievous, sly...(Greatly) misunderstood, short tempered, (too) emotional sometimes, cruel, blunt, cynical, stubborn, can hold a grudge, passionate hate for common society.

Strengths: /Very/ flexible. Through rigorous training and continued practice in keeping fit an able, he is also granted an exquisite stamina pool, capable of accomplishing many endurance-consuming tasks. Able to stay awake for multiple days, analyzing and planning for days if he must to accomplish a mission or contract. What he lacks in strength, he makes up for in his rather bolstering speed and aggressiveness, able to chase and hunt down his targets without relent. While he lacks and truly 'special' abilities, he has been given plenty of knowledge from his companions and his family of Rogues. Proficient in CQC (Krav Maga), tracking/hunting, scouting, guerrilla tactics, ambush, thievery, heists, and (sometimes) being a leader. His apt natural gifts of high sense of direction and hearing, and his sharp, keen eyesight gives him a great advantage in the dark. His strong sense of determination and loyalty have made him a valuable asset in many missions. His presence has helped morale and even helped the Rogues branch very far and wide into many regions of territory, giving flexible control and underground operations to work freely and smoothly. EXTREMELY protective of his children. Threatening them triggers his 'guard dog' instincts...it is best not to threaten any of them, as he puts himself forward for all of them.

Weaknesses: Very-hot headed temper when managed to become 'ticked off.' It typically gives him tunnel-vision, losing his practical sense of awareness as he focuses his anger all upon the aggressor. He is also only mortal, he does have feelings and emotions for others, and that can also become a hindrance to some of the more 'vital' of tasks that can become life-threatening. He sometimes tries too hard to protect others, sacrificing his own safety completely to protect others when he too--must be considered an important member. He sometimes relies too much on his wits as well, forgetting the training he's been given and tries to 'get around' things in order to make things easier for himself instead of relying on his instinct to guide him. He also tries to tackle situations he cannot handle by himself, knowing full well he must work with his members in order to accomplish a task. He tends to consider himself a 'lone-wolf' rather often, but not indefinitely. He is typically sleeping during the afternoon, but if he does wake (which he would, and be very cranky as well) it's typically for a hearty snack. Despite how quick, nimble and flexible he is, it doesn't make him invulnerable nor' frail. Unlike some of his other huskier members, he's very susceptible to injury, the only thing keeping him up and riled to fight and take a blow is his fierce determination and hardiness, but--once more, he tends to push his limits quite often, going too far and injuring himself to threatening levels. He is also very easy to tease and get 'riled up' in other fashions when it comes to a lover or very loved and reliable partner or companion--as much as he persists in being loyal, calm and down-to-earth, and still rather young--his body still active, carnal/feral, and the wild blood that runs in his veins for him being of foreign descent.

LOVES strawberries, peaches, and cherries.
/Never/ is without his hoodie on (Except for around a few 'special' companions.♥)
Easily calmed down with belly rubs and ear nibbling. (Love them <3)
Known to bite upon being teased!
Has a special chew toy. No stealing. (Will do anything to get it back if misplaced.)

Note: The below info is just specific to those who are curious. I do not expect everyone to be into yiff. I came here to make friends, but the minute others think otherwise or treat me like a toy, I'm removing the option below. Please be respectful, you deserve the same from me if you prove you are kind to me.

Yes, I also enjoy yiff. I have to be in the mood of course. The most you'll get is a simple "no" if I don't wanna play. If I am, ask to play here or on kik.

Here are a very few turn-ons:
Tailholes (I like looking at them)
Face sitting
Biting (not painful)
Doggy, reverse cowgirl (positions)
(This is not all I like, don't get it twisted! =p)

Please do not be pushy when it comes to yiff!

I hope to see you guys and gals here!

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