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Article: FurrTrax is now protected by CloudFlare
Posted By: DarkXander
Date: 10-24-2014 00:12 AM
Views: 639
FurrTrax is now protected by CloudFlare, please report any strange behavior in the site and its features, or anything that looks like it may be broken. There security software may not understand certain parts of the site.

Scott: Correction error code 502 bad gateways Sorry guys xD
Scott: 7th or 8th reply Didnt relize I could add the dash
Scott: Hai I have an issue when messaging friends About the 78 reply it tells me that there is a bad source Code303 If I remember it correctly I got to send a whole new message to continue the conversation
Kai Fier: Got invited to a private chat room by no one and when clicked on the link just a blank page. Only thing so far I've seen that's acted weird.

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