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Article: Staff Nominations
Posted By: DarkXander
Date: 03-27-2015 17:33 PM
Views: 799
Nominate someone you think would make a good moderator, or content approval person, nominating yourself is discouraged. Creating a new account to nominate yourself = ban

✳️Jade✳️: I nominate KiloFox
Fang The Wolf: Anything new yet? New mods, Bug fixes or anything of the sort?
Kerns Phoegon: Honestly I would wish that a good person gets picked, and honestly would love to see how things go, as drama free as possible.
DarkXander: Joe, your comments were deleted because all they ever do is start drama, and then pour on gasoline, and if you dont start showing some respect, you can go find a different site whos time you can waste. I am serious here, your comments serve no point other than to try to cause trouble, if it continues, you wont be here much longer. This topic is to get peoples opinions on who would be good mod choices, I NEVER SAID the winner gets free mod rank, but i was trying to hear the community voice, not your donkey braying.
Fang The Wolf: Very well said, Xander.
DarkXander: there have been a few times when i have come down on people, but that was not because of their opinions it was their lack of respect, and in some cases, blatant insult and aggression which disrupted the site.
DarkXander: i dont spoof anyone about having a voice, anyone can raise a concern or oppinion to me about the site, changes etc, as long as you do it politely and respectfully. Even if i dont agree i will discuss it with you. This site is here for peoples enjoyment, not to be a communistic over controlled state.
Cheru: I'm actually very curious about this. I always thought these sorts of things were decided amongst the mods themselves. I don't ever recall having nominations before. So far nothing has come from this, at least not that I know of. An update of just what all this is would be nice.
Fang The Wolf: A spoof? May I suggest you watch your words Joe? That is pretty rude.
Joe: so. yea. that new mod. reeeeeeally like their work. anyone know who They are? or is this just another spoof about xander letting us have a voice?
Greeney: I would like to nominate Mint aswell. Calm, very active and always kind, supportive towards others.
Flora Eclair MagicCaster: I also nominate mint
▶Drake◀: This is late but I think Ty Omand would be a good mod.He is always helping fellow furs out in the crooked tail and putting smiles on their faces.
James and Sammy : I nominate Stripes!! Hes a kind and good hearted soul
Karl Rayne: ...I guess Mint would be a good idea too... I should really talk to him more often...
Fang The Wolf: Ah nice, I've been checking up on this ever so often to see what the outcome will be and the new staff set to their management positions. So far, I've seen at the least three votes for mint the bunny including my vote. I hope this means something because I don't usually recommend people to such a task unless I'm absolutely positive that they would be great for the job. Like I've said, He's got my vote and I'm not planning on changing it. Also, All the furs sending me kik messages practically begging me to recommend you please stop that, Two reasons why I'll do the exact opposite. One, It's annoying and spam gets you avoided or blocked depending on how bad you push your luck. And two, It shows me that your childish and or are desperate to gain access for some control which I personally fear for FurrTrax alone. Basically what I'm saying is, Don't beg. Recommendations are based on how a recommendy feels towards you and how you act. Thank you for taking the time to read this as I've thought it was the only way to clear up this situation. No names will be listed.
🐾🐺🌙Lyca🌙🐺🐾: Mint
🐾🐺🌙Lyca🌙🐺🐾: I nominate mind
Flora Eclair MagicCaster: Are current staff going to be keeping their positions?
🐺EnthusiasticPup (Roo 😸): And also it says nominate a person not nominate a person then give a reason why the others shouldn't be nominated.
🐺EnthusiasticPup (Roo 😸): I'd nominate Mint 3
Kerns Phoegon: Honestly, I would nominate Karl Rayne. He honestly feels well connected and had been a pleasure to know. He's also able to help with understanding stranger aspects of things.
Karl Rayne: I think Kerns Dephoegon would make a good Moderator. He's got tons of free time that he can devote to the site. He's also insanely nice.
Kittora: just to be clear ive been offered the postion before and xander already know my anser and it hasnt changed thank you for the nomintaion but someone like cheru or neox would be better
Kittora: me??? wow i wasnt expecting a nomination i would have suggested neoweapon or something im humbled dark lion thank you
Flora Eclair MagicCaster: Tilts my head are we still keeping our current staff and just adding more?
DarkLion: The poll is about nominating people that would make good moderators, not nominating reasons why someone does not want to be a mod. So please, keep it to the subject and no need to write paragraphs. Dont have to remind us what happened before in past frowns anyhow, back to the subject. I would suggest two people, one of them of course being Cheru the corgi, mainly because... well Joe already pointed out all the things. Second would definetly be Kittora ! I would suggest Renzi as well, but I know she would never be up for the job XD
Joe: OK, so the reason no mod is seen around again, or not doing their job,is the constant fear of the ban hammer. if they cannot do a proper job without fear, it is no surprise that no mods show up and do their job.so thus in order of this nomination I put forth the fearless, wiggle waggle. Dorgi Cheru. benefits are, he is mated. no worries over relationship spats. is cut and dry, does not beat around the bus. is prominent in the community and Never insights drama. and keeps a cool head when faced with problematic situations.
Driana Lé Souris: So it dawned on me, what if no one wants to be a Moderator? Hm? Having to deal with the drama, the comments people say. ECT. I think it was made public so that the people had something to say, to feel like their voice matters. Their opinions. ECT. Most Moderators or public team relations staff have stopped caring about their duties upon this website. To enforce any rules rather it killed the chats or not. It came to show that these Mods only log on when it benefits them. Mods aren't in the chat rooms seeing the fights, seeing the bitching of glitches or this and that. Just yesterday yiff related occurrences happened in the Bar. The Bar, old users know that the bar was meant for fun, drinking, pool, billiards. Not, Stroking his cock. Pressing her breast up to his chest. If the MODS now aren't active to see the bullshit occurring day in day out some fucking example they are setting. Yiff chat turned into general like it does every time. Because if they push the rules the site becomes dead. Pfft. These mods are who we are supposed to look up to, to go to for help, to this and that. And when the time comes, when we have complains, when we need help who can't we count on. I've messaged mods, This is going on.. Handle it please. I get ignored, no answer or the typical I dont know. The public relations team was designed to be there for the people, to talk to them, to understand there are problems. I get it, people wanna be drama whores, attention seekers, assholes or whatever. But as I say day inday out. No one cares about the site or the rules because its the truth. You got kids disrespecting the rules, throwing little tantrums, doing what you wanna do. The other day someone said they had a screen shot of DarkXander saying, I dont care what happens in the chatroom. something along those words and yet that has proven to be quite the success. So tell me, what if someone doesn't want to be a mod? You know what happens to these mods? Several people stop talking to them, they get shunned and unwelcomed. And yes I'm venting and a bit drunk but I said my peace.
Joe: this should not be public but a moderator type discussion.
rahla emmiya: Let me change my previous statement a bit1. His name is just Yeena2. We are no longer mated but yes I still want to nominate him and he is still my best friend.....that is all
Zuu: yeah mint
Emerald: not sure who to really go for...maybe val hes a cool person n caring so ya..
Axel Donau: Heh, you know I think that's the first time in my life I've ever been called aggressive. I honestly like the idea of Mint being a mod though, if he'd be up for it.
Vasuki : being completely honest I would nominate kaileomon, he's my best friend and he's a great guy that's always up to help someone
Zuu: Cali Silvermoon and defiantly not driana. i remember she said she would just wait for someone to mess up, aka ban happy.
Driana Lé Souris: Don't see why I would do anything. I'm not in charge and its not my problem honestly. Just a person no one listens to.
R4inb0wD4sh: I nominate jade blackpaws just because lol hey why not and just as long as the new staff member is fair and knows how to handle the situations that may come up I will be happy with just about anyone that feels up for the job
Shade: I'd like to nominate Driana. She's active and friendly to other members,coupled with not taking sides and doing well to help keep conflicts down.
Shikaku Spark The Half Dragon: I honestly, do not know who i would nominate as a staff since i domt talk to everyome here as i use to , but from i know , driana is actibe amd good to talk to ,
Aria Auroralïs: I think Alexander Avey or Driana would be good. They are quite level headed and try to keep order in the community! OwO
Stripes: I nominate Alexander Avey he is both a helpful and beneficial member of the site and is level headed,fair,and polite
Driana Lé Souris: Idk, to many emotional people on here. Eventually mods stop being around or caring. I would nominate Axel Donau because over the last several times when there have been issues, despite his bluntness and stuff he has been around to stop fights. To encourage those who need it. He doesn't play favorites, troes to like people by talking to them. In the end, from what I see.. He's just a guy mixed in this crazy furry life trying to keep the peace.
Fesothe: If its the real GreenReaper then him, user 11525 and anyone else who runs wikifur or FNN or another furry site that's not on DX's bad list etc.
rahla emmiya: I nominate Xav the Yena! Even before I became mated to him he was always my best friend. He will always listen to anyone's problems and help to solve them to the best of his abilities. He would be great for this!
Fang The Wolf: Hmm, If I had to nominate someone, I'd choose mint. He is very kind and easy to get along with. He also seems like one of the angerless types. He has a heart before and after his name.

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