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foxes Group
Group Leaders:Alana Rose,
Members:Jack, Zephy, zekegard, Birdy Blu, Pyn, Inferno, Dead, Sclábhaí Púca, Zaphael, 💙Marxy the fenboi 💙, Jacob, Alana Rose, Foxybutt, Nikki Foxx, Xia Volpe, Lotus the Draxxy, JoLLDS VOLPE, Allegro Boveda, 🐾 MoonDoggie 💖, Nightshade Darkfang, Phantomfurry, Gone, LlunaBlue, Dead account, Zoey, NorI, Archie, Felix Olaro, Scott, kylethefox, Reynard Foxx, snow, Jason The Red Fox, Death man or kolton, Wolfsbaneisme, Little Tails, Yuri Jaxis Wulf, Nephil, Grey, DJSkolf, Saturn, Crimson, Jeanie, LZ, Abraxas, EverestHusky, Evaris, Raser,
Group ID:99
Group Shortname:FOOOOXXXXX
Status:Open Group
Founded By:grandtheftautofox
Last Activity:12-13-2021 01:37 AM
Group Page Views:35127

foxes's Display Picture

A place for fox lovers from ears to tail and little paws. A fun loving place to play, laugh, cuddle and to be yourself. NO BEING RUDE OR BULLING PLEASE.

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Posted By: LZ @ 12-13-2021 01:37 AM

Posted By: EverestHusky @ 12-13-2021 01:34 AM
Yes, a husky in a fox den LOL

Posted By: LZ @ 12-13-2021 01:26 AM
lol, a wolf in a fox den

Posted By: EverestHusky @ 12-13-2021 01:21 AM
Bark! Aroooo!

Posted By: LZ @ 12-13-2021 01:20 AM

Posted By: EverestHusky @ 12-13-2021 01:17 AM

Posted By: LZ @ 12-13-2021 01:17 AM

Posted By: EverestHusky @ 12-13-2021 01:13 AM
My furry welcome LZ

Posted By: LZ @ 12-13-2021 01:08 AM
Aww, thx

Posted By: EverestHusky @ 12-13-2021 01:06 AM

Posted By: LZ @ 12-13-2021 01:05 AM

Posted By: EverestHusky @ 12-13-2021 00:55 AM
Yes! Let's do it! Awooo, LZ

Posted By: LZ @ 12-13-2021 00:54 AM
We should tell ky of this place.

Posted By: LZ @ 12-13-2021 00:54 AM
Yup, they're cute.

Posted By: EverestHusky @ 12-13-2021 00:48 AM
Do you love foxes, too, LZ?

Posted By: LZ @ 12-13-2021 00:48 AM

Posted By: EverestHusky @ 12-13-2021 00:47 AM

Posted By: LZ @ 12-13-2021 00:43 AM

Posted By: EverestHusky @ 12-13-2021 00:42 AM
A billions hits~ Whoa! A billion hits is what I'll get

Posted By: LZ @ 12-13-2021 00:40 AM

Posted By: EverestHusky @ 12-13-2021 00:38 AM
Let's furry

Posted By: LZ @ 12-13-2021 00:36 AM

Posted By: EverestHusky @ 12-12-2021 21:32 PM
Hiya LZ how's it going OwO

Posted By: LZ @ 12-12-2021 11:52 AM

Posted By: EverestHusky @ 12-11-2021 01:02 AM
Hey, I'm new here and I'm a blue Siberian Husky. I'm not a fox fur, I do love making fox friends! ~Awoo!

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