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Arizona Furs Group
Group Leaders:DarkXander, darkbunnygirl89,
Members:DarkXander, Kovu, Kahlua, Clipp, Mr.Knives!, Arc, Xemnas, Kittora, Hauke, scar, Virgo, winter eye, Sparky, Neosate, darkbunnygirl89, Reaper, Fen, Eso, PollerBear, Curian Lightwing, Nero, Kira Bby, Sheesh, Leon, Chaos, karma, Zeek, Badger, Rethoras, Piquant, Lupragryph, Vala, Taurena, Stripes RaiderSonic, Auru, Lexeya, Cuddles, Jav7, Aspen, Koda, Sync, Xlainvous, Rae, JJ, Kit Paws, odius, Alex Hopp, Firestar Bloodstones, The_Blue_Drake, Fentrix , EverestHusky, Cas, Athrasil, Atlas gray Jellybean, Heart,
Group ID:8
Group Shortname:arizona
Status:Open Group
Founded By:darkxander
Last Activity:02-08-2020 00:31 AM
Group Page Views:52829

Arizona Furs's Display Picture

For all the Arizona peeps

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Posted By: Sam @ 02-08-2020 00:31 AM
Hey guys in AZ for the time being. Contact me if any are near lake Havasu City!!

Posted By: Reaper @ 02-07-2017 23:59 PM
Who else is going to the AZ Ren fest. This weekend? I'm heading woth a friend of mine but i'd enjoy meeting up if you want. Pm me or message me on kik or Telegram at reaperspet. Hope you guys gals and everyone else have an amazing day!

Posted By: Alex Hopp @ 08-08-2016 14:51 PM
Haha hey everyone just joined this group and wanted to say Arizona furs are the best in the west =P

Posted By: JJ @ 07-02-2016 00:02 AM
Find the tail. Spell check xp

Posted By: JJ @ 07-01-2016 23:57 PM
Hey fuffs. I'm going down tomorrow and to stay for the weekend. Yuma and Somerton are the places I'm going to visit. So if any are interested in there to say hello. If you could kind the tail then free hugs :D

Posted By: Silver Heart @ 06-10-2016 20:08 PM
Anyone around?

Posted By: darkbunnygirl89 @ 10-13-2015 17:02 PM
kovo need a place to stay at the con

Posted By: Sheesh @ 10-13-2015 15:32 PM
Hey flying over from OK for AFC, looking to meet some new furs =)

Posted By: Zeek @ 10-12-2015 23:34 PM
Who wants to party at AFC. Message me on Facebook zeek shepsky

Posted By: Hauke @ 09-27-2015 14:34 PM
Hoping to be at AZFC on Saturday afternoon..maybe Sunday too.

Posted By: Zeek @ 09-26-2015 15:34 PM
Afc is gonna be a blast

Posted By: Vala @ 09-02-2015 01:49 AM
Eyyo, anyone else in southern AZ? Would be neato to meet up for the con

Posted By: Kahlua @ 08-11-2015 13:42 PM

Posted By: darkbunnygirl89 @ 05-25-2015 19:29 PM
hi all who go azfurcon

Posted By: Kiki @ 05-04-2015 18:09 PM
Hello :3

Posted By: darkbunnygirl89 @ 04-23-2015 11:58 AM

Posted By: Squishy @ 01-20-2015 15:20 PM
Squishy is in Flagstaff!

Posted By: Mr.Knives! @ 01-14-2015 18:35 PM

Posted By: scar @ 12-28-2014 14:17 PM
me too been sleeping 12 hour nights :P

Posted By: Lonewolf @ 12-24-2014 12:38 PM
man tired

Posted By: scar @ 12-09-2014 18:38 PM
thats what i thought :P

Posted By: DarkXander @ 12-08-2014 09:46 AM

Posted By: scar @ 12-08-2014 09:02 AM
whats the good word in AZ this morning!

Posted By: DarkXander @ 12-08-2014 02:25 AM

Posted By: scar @ 12-07-2014 20:56 PM

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