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Texan fuzzems Group
Group Leaders:iz gone,
Members:Neybulot, Saimagi , Dr Furry, Wyle, Reko hunter, Loki Zobovic, Koira, Gemini Folf , jrzee, Joker Wolf, Zombie, Kai Fier, Green BunBun, Bucky, Kerzell, Wuffles The Border Collie , Grimm, iz gone, Wolfee, MarchHare, Orion, Thrax, Dante, Sea Salt The Gay Fur, Daigoroo, Klouse Wolf, Xavier ShadowFang, Scarlett, Jayyy;3, Anthony;3, Tobias the Wolf, Nova, Munch, Jynx, Kiba, Mysteko Nightpaw, Fluxybear, ZimerTheWolFox, Osyra, Stripes RaiderSonic, Vixen Rose, Nope, done, Robbie, Harmony Mystheart, Amapellicius, Ty Embertail, Dodge Drogan, Baskerville, Geo Bane, Grey, Crimson, Darrell, Luke, garou wolf man, Chris, Athrasil, Dynamo, Seeker, Horslvr fang , spunkymoo,
Group ID:62
Group Shortname:Texfuzz
Status:Open Group
Founded By:bigmak
Last Activity:12-06-2023 17:49 PM
Group Page Views:36177

Texan fuzzems's Display Picture

a place for lone star fuzzems to meet and maybe became furiends and more (wink face ) ^^

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Posted By: Horslvr fang @ 12-06-2023 17:49 PM
Looking to make new friends I live in brenham

Posted By: Joker Wolf @ 02-23-2023 01:45 AM
Hey there, fellow Texans. Just putting feelers out, but, i have six huskies looking for homes. Five female, one male, four are still babies with two carrying the agouti gene. Located near Waco.

Posted By: Callow @ 02-13-2023 19:05 PM

Posted By: Gazul @ 10-21-2021 19:42 PM
anyone near southeast texas wanna chill? i'm in a small town and it's hard to make friends. :(

Posted By: Darrell @ 10-06-2020 07:44 AM
Native Texan. New fur. Hi everyone!

Posted By: ZimerTheWolFox @ 04-04-2018 16:37 PM
Still new to Texas as of 2016 to present and would like to make some new friends. I don't drives so ya would have to come see me if ya ever wanna do meet ups.

Posted By: Deored @ 09-10-2016 18:06 PM
Hello from the far north that for some reason is called west

Posted By: Kidd Nova @ 01-26-2016 10:12 AM
Is anyone near the logo vista area willing to chill? My close friend moved away and I'm kind of upset and looking for new people to chill with x.x

Posted By: Diego Zerro @ 01-16-2016 03:25 AM
Hey there ^-^

Posted By: Koira @ 01-06-2016 09:57 AM
Heippä everyone. Greetings from west central Fort Worth.

Posted By: Yenwai @ 10-14-2015 21:41 PM
Hi :)

Posted By: TXFur @ 10-06-2015 10:50 AM
hey furs, im new to the site and just wanted to say hello to everyone in my state of Texas

Posted By: Wuffles The Border Collie @ 10-04-2015 19:13 PM
hi pm me on kik if your in the haslet area my kik is dragthor111

Posted By: Kiba @ 09-08-2015 10:13 AM
*Furries -.-'

Posted By: Kiba @ 09-08-2015 10:12 AM
Hello everyone! I live in the north Dallas area and I'm hoping to make some new friends! I hardly know any furriews around here, so I'm hoping to meet some.

Posted By: Fluxybear @ 09-01-2015 18:47 PM
Hello, south Dallas area here. Hoping to make some good friends!

Posted By: Reko hunter @ 08-30-2015 07:07 AM
It's much less murder on my allergies than Louisianna was, but you need to watch that mold after the rain :P

Posted By: Mysteko Nightpaw @ 08-25-2015 19:35 PM
it cant be anywhere near as bad as a pennsylvania winter though and is still probably less humid than living up here right next to lake erie

Posted By: Kai Fier @ 08-25-2015 19:31 PM
It's been really warm here lately. Dallas is generally a bit more humid though there where I'm at. Suppose to be a crappy winter, but seeing you won't be here during this one. haha

Posted By: Mysteko Nightpaw @ 08-24-2015 11:42 AM
thanks Kai i hope so too im looking forward to the warm weather

Posted By: Kidd Nova @ 08-23-2015 23:49 PM
Random question, any furs in and or near lago? :3

Posted By: Kai Fier @ 08-23-2015 23:34 PM
Hey Mysteko. I hope that you enjoy Texas. :) It's a great state.

Posted By: Mysteko Nightpaw @ 08-21-2015 12:15 PM
Hihi :3 i dont live in texas yet but maybe i can make some friends im gona be moving to the DFW area in about 16-18 months

Posted By: Kai Fier @ 07-12-2015 11:24 AM
Hello from up here in the panhandle of Texas. :)

Posted By: Wyle @ 05-26-2015 14:34 PM
we have a trmple in Texas? question..... is it as difficult as the water temple in orcarina of time?

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