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wounded souls Group
Group Leaders:reven,
Members:jrzee, James Q Layton, Birdy Blu, 💖Mint💖, Dezzarea, Winterfang, Kaku , Lamriq, Kaio Kyrotera, flap flap I am a bat, reven, Kitsuné , Aiden, Vexis Lazuli Fokz, Crimson Nightmare , ⚡thunder goddess lilly⚡, Starfrost, Lyca, Patrick, Uzziah Parker, Alana Rose, Kehrin, Kimmika P Morningdew, Akryssius Audran, Xia Volpe, Lotus the Draxxy, Ho'en Diheart, Night Fox, cleverbandit, Ivan Tiger , Nightshade Darkfang, RinLinx, Drako Claw, Cinder, Mathuin, Kai, Mitu, snow or Max, Toxic, Don The Friendly Horse, Cyanide, Seeker,
Group ID:48
Group Shortname:woundedsou
Status:Open Group
Founded By:jgarand95
Last Activity:06-03-2016 23:10 PM
Group Page Views:40351

wounded souls 's Display Picture

for those who have been hurt by those they love the usual rules of furtraxx apply. I request that no names of ex mates not be used and any bullying will not be tolerated also the members of this pack are here for support not to be yiffed if you feel the undieing need send them a private message DO NOT just assume your welcome to do it more to be added if the need arises

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Posted By: flap flap I am a bat @ 06-03-2016 23:10 PM
I won't disown you, Torrel. :>

Posted By: Torrel @ 05-29-2016 06:45 AM
No pity just want somebody to talk to. Thanks!

Posted By: Torrel @ 05-29-2016 06:43 AM
Hello! i am new to this forum , and the fandom, all my friends disowned me when they found out i was furry, so looking for new friends and someone to chat with!:-D

Posted By: Daionor @ 05-13-2016 01:15 AM
My offer is more than active from January of 2015. If anyone needs to talk or vent just send a pmover my way.

Posted By: Amapellicius @ 01-14-2016 03:48 AM
drop me a pm if anybody needs to talk, i am always willing to listen

Posted By: Grey @ 12-27-2015 05:53 AM
Hey. My body is giving up on me, my friends and family already have, and I have nowhere else to turn to. Sometimes, I just feel like ending it all. Can I get somebody to talk to and vent on the weekends, please?

Posted By: Patrick @ 11-22-2015 20:59 PM
hey. I wanna talk and vent to someone, my kik and skype is on my profile if anyone wants to talk.

Posted By: Fuzzy Tail @ 11-22-2015 20:00 PM
hi there. names Fuzzy and i jusr lost my love.. still hurt.. i dont want pity or nothing just someone to chat with. maybe vent. message me on here.

Posted By: 💖Mint💖 @ 11-09-2015 02:38 AM
I already posted on my own wall.... But, to anyone who even cares or just likes to read here's some advice. Life has a real funny way of stepping on our hearts and showing us things we wished we kept hidden about ourselves. And the people we loved most may someday walk away. But those moments you shared with them has meaning. They maybe gone now but the impact they had is everlasting. You should hold on to those memories closer to you more than anything. Because those where the days we all were truly happy.

Posted By: Lotus the Aussie Fox @ 10-16-2015 13:01 PM
is it wrong to say that now that my dad has a mate i am scared he wont want me?

Posted By: ethan blaze @ 09-01-2015 05:31 AM
im not part of this group but if anyone needs someone to chat even if its to vent send me a message telling me why and ill reply

Posted By: Patrick @ 08-12-2015 19:44 PM
I think I quit my search for a mate.

Posted By: Patrick @ 07-25-2015 09:38 AM
anyone wanna chat with a single and looking fox?

Posted By: Patrick @ 07-22-2015 10:29 AM
hi guys long time no see ^^

Posted By: 🐾 Half-Note 🐾 @ 05-18-2015 15:28 PM
But disregard that, henceward! *gets up on horse and rides off into the sunset*

Posted By: 🐾 Half-Note 🐾 @ 05-18-2015 11:50 AM
Ugh. Lost one of the few people in my life I've truly come to love. I wish I could fix it...

Posted By: 💖Mint💖 @ 05-18-2015 11:42 AM
I sit here, Not asking for your pity or your hand for comfort. I've lost two people today who I cared for most. And I'm afraid I'll never get them back or see their smiling face. This...This is me now.

Posted By: Kerrat @ 05-12-2015 10:34 AM
Hello there. I dont want to be pitied, but if someone else wants to conversate and start with someone from point zero...feel free to contact me

Posted By: Kaio Kyrotera @ 03-23-2015 17:36 PM
Im feeling like im gonna break down. Please...someone help me...my kik is on my profile.

Posted By: Daionor @ 01-31-2015 03:29 AM
this kitty is willing to lend an ear to anyone who needs, just PM me, i try to be on at least twice a day :)

Posted By: Kaio Kyrotera @ 01-25-2015 01:49 AM
Im willing to try cheering people up. if anyone needs a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen feel free to kik me. my username is on my profile

Posted By: 🐾neonthehusky🐾 @ 01-24-2015 15:54 PM
well this huskys life has gone down hill, anyone wanna chear me up

Posted By: 🐾neonthehusky🐾 @ 01-24-2015 15:54 PM
yes... congrats -the husky whispered softly-

Posted By: reven @ 01-22-2015 05:43 AM
thank you

Posted By: Turismo @ 01-22-2015 05:08 AM
congrats best of luck in your endeavors

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