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Dark Souls peeps Group
Group Leaders:Soren Shepard,
Members:firestorm121, Kellion Volanti, Dantes, Umenzi "Slanter", Soren Shepard, Jackson, Derp Hyena, ☯Flamewolf, Duke, Winterfang, Winter, Shihou Mikado, Ishbacko, Swift Flame🔥, Cameron Toveryn, Argonoth, Ziek, WakaLakaWaka, Anibus Jay Foxter, levi, -------, Kai, Ravakar Ravage, Ige , Dark, Little Hoof, Izlude, Atta Dolf, Jake, Ivan Tiger , Dante Isolde, Cobalt Blue, Reaper, Ace Avis, Jake The Ninetales, Spiritfox Autumnsong, Casey, Frostspear, Cuddle Puddle, Day_Dreamer13, Vala, Robert Silvermyst, Raiza, Miki, Koda Wolfgang, Nathaniel Kain, Noel, North, Felix Olaro, Dracona, Ditsiline McCloud, Lokyr, Ace, CapSha Snowclaw, Roronoa, Darren, snow, Tay, reichwolf, glitchy, Matty Panda,
Group ID:40
Group Shortname:DarkSouls
Status:Open Group
Founded By:SorenShepard
Last Activity:03-08-2017 14:28 PM
Group Page Views:42916

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If you play Dark Souls, welcome. If you use katanas, get back out.

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Posted By: Kai @ 03-08-2017 14:28 PM
Ive been playing a lot of demon's souls for the first time with my mate. Gotta say its quite amazing seeing all of the parallels and to see how the Souls games kinda started out!

Posted By: Darren @ 12-03-2016 18:54 PM
Have you accidentally set a password? that stops you from seeing other signs

Posted By: Ishbacko @ 12-03-2016 18:49 PM
Anyone here got dark souls 3 on xbox one? I need people to play with, all my xbox friends are too chicken to play cause it's "too hard" and I haven't found one single summon sign since I've been playing, and yeah I know about needing to have your ember restored to see signs

Posted By: Rezziel Zioto @ 05-24-2016 13:34 PM
Any one on the PS4 DS3 in here?

Posted By: Rezziel Zioto @ 05-24-2016 11:30 AM
Nice! I myself enjoy the carthus catacombs or the area right after Pontiff Sulyvahn. Mainly because it can turn into phantom warfare. ^^

Posted By: Robert Silvermyst @ 05-24-2016 11:07 AM
I enjoy PvP in the very last area leading to the Spirit of Cinder, simply because it's hilarious when you watch them roll away from your attack and right off the cliff =D

Posted By: Rezziel Zioto @ 05-23-2016 13:51 PM
Hey every one. Just wondering what your favorite PVP area in DS3 is and what game are you on? As in New game or + or ++ so on and etc.

Posted By: Rezziel Zioto @ 05-16-2016 15:04 PM
Any one up for some trolling on the PS4 Dark Souls 3?

Posted By: Jake The Ninetales @ 05-05-2016 06:44 AM

Posted By: Spiritfox Autumnsong @ 05-03-2016 11:51 AM
Group be like *YOU DIED*. hi hi! Anyone play souls 3 on ps4?

Posted By: North @ 03-03-2016 10:16 AM
hello all

Posted By: Jake @ 02-25-2016 01:47 AM
That or Pinwheel

Posted By: Zuulass @ 02-10-2016 10:50 AM
gaping dragon is the easiest boss fight

Posted By: Robert Silvermyst @ 02-10-2016 09:43 AM
The demon of song is pretty easy to the point where while it can one-shot you, chances are you aren't paying attention to the attacks. This boss leaves itself open alot and its attacks are pretty slow. Honestly, getting to the boss is harder than beating the boss.

Posted By: Nathaniel Kain @ 02-04-2016 07:48 AM
Because the demon of song is a dick. And it's a souls game, they like to watch you die.

Posted By: Ishbacko @ 02-01-2016 01:22 AM
Alright, wtf is with the demon of song and one shotting players?

Posted By: Ishbacko @ 01-26-2016 06:03 AM
only time it is ok to use katanas *ring of fog with shadow set hoping to fool invaders in alvinas woods* surprisingly effective disguise btw

Posted By: Jake @ 01-21-2016 09:24 AM

Posted By: Ishbacko @ 01-08-2016 11:17 AM
just started on my guy too...got to the bell tower, invaded, trolled...un skilled assholes man

Posted By: Ishbacko @ 01-08-2016 11:16 AM
and this is why i stay hollow, lvl 30 hacker with infinite wrath of gods

Posted By: Robert Silvermyst @ 12-15-2015 23:32 PM
Finished my Freya Crescent build on DS 1. Dex/Faith build with Silver Knight Spear and full Crimson Set. Ring of Favor and Protection and Cloranthy Ring. Lightning Spear/Great L. Spear (mimics Trance Spear Rain), Power Within (Mimics Full Moon), Wrath of God (Mimics Dragon Crest), and Regeneration (Mimics Reis Wind)

Posted By: Red Aki @ 12-15-2015 23:18 PM
I loved me my man serpent great sword lol

Posted By: Cuddle Puddle @ 12-14-2015 18:36 PM
I'm a katana using skrublord casual!! muhahahaha

Posted By: Koda Wolfgang @ 12-09-2015 13:24 PM
Hey! How's everyone doing?

Posted By: Mio @ 10-28-2015 16:34 PM
its going to be more like dark souls 1 so hopefully everything is awesome

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