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Colorado Furs Group
Group Leaders:Kix,
Members:Katsumaru, Artik Fenris Silverfang , Sanima, Kix, cmansackattack, Dander Shadownight, Skye shadowfang, Tai, Zangetsu, Kai, Xia Volpe, Ohni , Rush, Ion Lowell, Jayce Silence Rebel, Stripes RaiderSonic, Tremblewick, dustytuft, Therapan nips, Jason The Red Fox, renniks, Chaktau, wayward, EverestHusky,
Group ID:35
Group Shortname:ColoFurs
Status:Open Group
Founded By:Kix
Last Activity:01-05-2016 07:46 AM
Group Page Views:53468

Colorado Furs's Display Picture

This is a group for all of the furs from Colorado, we definitely host enough events out here, and I've met plenty on the site! Just a friendly place to meet up and chat, maybe post if you want to host an event for Furrtrax folk. current logo was drawn by Foxene.

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Posted By: Kix @ 01-05-2016 07:46 AM
I participate in Live Action RolePlay or LARP for short, if anyone here would be interested. I can post some info, there's a handful of furs who participate already

Posted By: Ohni @ 01-01-2016 18:16 PM
i need more irl furry friends

Posted By: Artik Silverfang @ 12-14-2015 15:11 PM
yeah, it's been years bro, but you can always message me on kik or skype or xbox. Best ways to get ahold of me lol

Posted By: Kix @ 11-22-2015 22:45 PM
oh have you Artik? I'm really forgetful with that kinda stuff, though I'm not surprised :) I just haven't been to a meet in ages!

Posted By: Artik Silverfang @ 11-22-2015 20:32 PM
Kix i met you at a fur meet once

Posted By: Ohni @ 09-12-2015 13:05 PM
where my furs near glenwood springs ?^^

Posted By: Jayce Silence Rebel @ 09-12-2015 10:30 AM
KIK is jcgreen113 :)

Posted By: Kix @ 09-12-2015 07:22 AM
Hi guys!! I've been trying to reach out to everyone that I meet on here on kik or skype :) I don't chat on here a ton any more, but I'd love to meet all of you <3

Posted By: JayceRebel @ 09-10-2015 08:55 AM
Hello everyone. I'm in Aurora and looking to make new friends. :)

Posted By: Kix @ 05-30-2015 19:33 PM
Hi Everyone!! I'm awful at talking on here, and updating things. But hello!! I'm Kix! I'm in South East Denver. I love to game and meet new friends. I suit sometimes but don't get out to many meets.

Posted By: cmansackattack @ 05-24-2015 00:06 AM
is anybody at comic con? :3 I only saw like 3 furries so far :(

Posted By: Xia Volpe @ 05-23-2015 13:50 PM
Wow this group is dead. lol Is anyone here going to pride weekend June 20th and the 21st? If so message me on kik, and we can meet up some where. I am going with my GF (friend only). She is awesome and amazing to hang out with. ^.^ It will be awesome if most of us can hang out in Denver. :3

Posted By: Xia Volpe @ 02-22-2015 07:41 AM
hewo. :3

Posted By: Dragana @ 02-11-2015 06:17 AM
hello every fur from Colorado

Posted By: Dante @ 02-10-2015 21:10 PM
I'm moving to Colorado with my master and pack mates soon. ^^ in March

Posted By: Rin @ 12-04-2014 00:34 AM
It seems that any wednesday around say 8:00 would work for most people.

Posted By: cmansackattack @ 11-29-2014 00:37 AM
a night works for me too. I normally leave work about 930pm. look forward to meeting you!

Posted By: Rin @ 11-10-2014 15:20 PM
Enjoying the snow today. :3 just moved here from FL not too long ago so this will be my first real winter. x3

Posted By: Rin @ 11-08-2014 20:42 PM
only times i am consistently available are tuesdays after 2:00 and wednesday after 7:00

Posted By: Kix @ 11-07-2014 00:19 AM
I work a M-F 9-5 job, so lets plan a night or wekend?

Posted By: cmansackattack @ 11-06-2014 23:24 PM
we should! when is everyone typically available? I always have Sundays off work.

Posted By: Rin @ 11-06-2014 22:14 PM
wasnt there a mention about us furrtrax users meeting up? We should see if we can come up with something

Posted By: Rin @ 11-06-2014 22:14 PM
wasnt there a mention about us furrtrax users meeting up? We should see if we can come up with something

Posted By: Kix @ 11-06-2014 19:21 PM
I haven't been to that meet in years O.O

Posted By: Rin @ 11-06-2014 14:52 PM
I wish I could make it to village inn but its a 45 minute drive and I wouldnt be able to head out until 10:30. :/

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