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Photografurs Group
Group Leaders:Vinyl,
Members:Wyle, Oracle Sage, Johnnie, Callee, Trixie Toucan, Vinyl, Rock Tailfire , Birdy Blu, Tsukai, Akyba Jasonfur , Inferno, Green BunBun, Volk Sokolova, Eva Rima, Deillos, Skirtandzy, Jacob, KiloFox, Crimson Nightmare , Aulphis, Glue, semfi, Varon Drachios, leon, Rekub, Nikki Foxx, Ashe Wyldes, Lotus the Draxxy, Turismo, ScootyBooty, michan, C2 Akumi, Reynard Prectl, Vignette, Blink, Drako Claw, LycraWolf82, Chaos, Tangential, AndrewDarkFox, otter, Taurena, ‡Blair‡, 💀Ion💀, PsycoTiger, TongueImpaler, Friendly Wolf , Asher Le Blaze, Glitch, Ovium Vulpia, Kenzie, valentinebell1, Bluedog, Blight , Darkone, Cyanide,
Group ID:27
Group Shortname:photografu
Status:Open Group
Founded By:NuVinylScratch
Last Activity:07-11-2017 08:27 AM
Group Page Views:47378

Photografurs's Display Picture

A friendly group for all photographers, both digital and film!

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Posted By: campitor @ 07-11-2017 08:27 AM
so little use.

Posted By: Bluedog @ 01-31-2017 13:42 PM

Posted By: Bluedog @ 01-31-2017 13:41 PM
Still borked

Posted By: Bluedog @ 01-31-2017 13:41 PM

Posted By: angry tiger @ 02-14-2016 10:54 AM
well that didn't work. here it is again. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16222861/

Posted By: angry tiger @ 02-14-2016 10:53 AM

Posted By: angry tiger @ 02-14-2016 10:51 AM
all these people and so few posts. show the photos! you can see a couple of mine on my fa. campitor

Posted By: minniechan @ 10-08-2015 05:51 AM
<3 the group name yes me do <3

Posted By: leon @ 12-15-2014 13:50 PM
hello I just join ferrtrax and saw this group c: I like the idea id photo contest but for some reason I cant set my profile photos from my phone and I can't access my computer anytime soon, how do you guys post pictures?

Posted By: KiloFox @ 11-26-2014 23:59 PM
What about season type photos? Main subject being animal related of course. Or instead of season, it could be holiday/event.

Posted By: Callee @ 10-22-2014 13:21 PM
A competition could be nice, though perhaps some guideline as to what subject matter you may be looking for? Presumably something animal-related?

Posted By: Vinyl @ 10-19-2014 09:06 AM
We need a picture for our group! Kinda ironic that a photography group doesn't! What do you all think of a mini competition? You could send your photos (furry and non furry alike), I'll judge 'em and make one the profile pic'?

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