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Overwatch Furs Group
Group Leaders:Kusafox,
Members:Kusafox, ▶Drake◀, Kovyn, Charuna, Jake, Silfur Nakamura, Lamar, unknownsomeone, Sdraevor, Ellie, Cailleach, Crimson, Cyanide,
Group ID:205
Group Shortname:OWF
Status:Open Group
Founded By:Kusafox
Last Activity:06-29-2016 14:57 PM
Group Page Views:32153

Overwatch Furs's Display Picture

Furries that enjoy the game Overwatch!

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Posted By: Silfur Nakamura @ 06-29-2016 14:57 PM
Hello there. I'd like to play with fellow furs. Feel free to add me; TechKnight#1956. For better communication while playing, feel free to add me on Skype as well. My Skype name is "SilfurNakamura".

Posted By: Kusafox @ 06-02-2016 21:48 PM
Alright! I shall go ahead and add ya! And yea I can be serious but not like "NOOB! DON'T YOU KNOW HOW TO PLAY!?" kinda serious XD Kusafox#1228 is me!

Posted By: Kovyn @ 06-02-2016 21:25 PM
I would like to play with a pretty serious group. I play mostly at night though. 12am CST - whenever I fall asleep usually. Maybe not competitively serious but serious enough to play to win. xD Or try to win. As long as I'm having fun it doesn't matter. If I fit someones criteria to play with you can add me: KovynAlander#1430 on BNet

Posted By: Kovyn @ 06-01-2016 22:30 PM
I was wondering if there was a group or not for this. My question is now answered. :3

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