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Group Leaders:TheOriginKoolio,
Members:Kusafox, Seamus, Jace_Dakota, Zver, Inferno, Bucky, Jack Carver, flap flap I am a bat, nullcoon, TheOriginKoolio, Coyote, Gone, Cinder, Grim, Amapellicius, Saphira , Friendly Wolf , Foxmilkshake, Beta, North, Aaron Wolf, Rocco, Harudagon, Felix Olaro, Quicksilver_The_Otter, Ditsiline McCloud, 馃惣Cuddly bear馃惣, Elshara Silverheart, Pinkamena, Issac and Others, Ghost, Reynard Foxx, Alan Graytail, Darren, Unever, Saber, Silas Blackheart, snow, Luna, Lyo Burnside, Andy, Eliah, Insane-Xane, Scrydan, Kissy Sanguine, Monstar23, Death man or kolton, Garrett Aelito, 馃挃Pistol Pete馃挃, I, James, Skittmeme, razzle, Little Tails, Toxic, Yuri Jaxis Wolfen, Moonlightwolfpup,
Group ID:189
Group Shortname:100
Status:Open Group
Founded By:koolio3242
Last Activity:11-01-2019 17:05 PM
Group Page Views:14871


For those of us who always reply, or at least do so ASAP if they're busy, and are RARELY busy.

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Posted By: Moonlightwolfpup @ 11-01-2019 17:05 PM
hello everyone

Posted By: Mint @ 11-01-2019 15:58 PM

Posted By: Jace_Dakota @ 05-03-2019 00:52 AM
Quad H E C C

Posted By: Little Tails @ 03-25-2019 08:37 AM
Triple hecc. You can't stop me.

Posted By: TheOriginKoolio @ 03-25-2019 02:06 AM
Mind your language, sonny, this here's a family-friendly server

Posted By: Jace_Dakota @ 05-28-2018 20:12 PM
Double H E C C

Posted By: Monstar23 @ 05-28-2018 16:04 PM

Posted By: 芦韦h蔚螛谐委g委畏螝蟽蟽l委蟽禄 @ 05-28-2018 04:11 AM
Well. I guess we all gotta start somewhere.

Posted By: Monstar23 @ 05-28-2018 04:10 AM

Posted By: 芦韦h蔚螛谐委g委畏螝蟽蟽l委蟽禄 @ 05-28-2018 04:08 AM
Wow, people still show up here? Jeez.

Posted By: Jace_Dakota @ 05-17-2018 08:10 AM

Posted By: Monstar23 @ 04-09-2018 18:08 PM

Posted By: Luna @ 07-28-2017 04:20 AM
Hi! I'm Luna and I'm looking to meet/make new friends!!

Posted By: Taramafor @ 05-21-2017 10:56 AM
I'm always active. Perhaps not on this site (I know no one here yet) but on Secondlife, Furcadia and F-chat, certainty.

Posted By: storm bloodbane @ 03-02-2017 08:20 AM
borderline nympho bottom here looking for a regular playmate that is into taking what he wants, regularly ;)

Posted By: Spots @ 02-21-2017 08:28 AM
Hi everyone

Posted By: Ghost @ 09-26-2016 22:43 PM
Love long worded RP, reg and adult. Or just to chat! Kik on my profile

Posted By: 馃惣Cuddly bear馃惣 @ 08-21-2016 09:03 AM
Hello from Ormand beach, hit me up if you like

Posted By: flap flap I am a bat @ 08-21-2016 07:53 AM
@Aaron. Ayyye

Posted By: Aaron Wolf @ 08-21-2016 07:30 AM
I get them too. ^_^

Posted By: flap flap I am a bat @ 08-21-2016 07:04 AM
Eh, I got one for your post... Maybe re input your email for Notifications? :3

Posted By: 芦韦h蔚螛谐委g委畏螝蟽蟽l委蟽禄 @ 08-21-2016 02:30 AM
But what if they don't work o-o like me. I haven't gotten an email notification in months. Well, not from FT.

Posted By: flap flap I am a bat @ 08-11-2016 01:08 AM
@elshara yeeh. ; @Koolio I was saying while recruiting to say to use email notifications....

Posted By: Elshara Silverheart @ 08-11-2016 00:32 AM
I like being active where I feel needed. Anyone else feel same?

Posted By: 芦韦h蔚螛谐委g委畏螝蟽蟽l委蟽禄 @ 06-06-2016 20:13 PM
What in the world are you even talking about?

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