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Destiny Furrs Group
Group Leaders:Winterfang,
Members:Azule Ria, Ziarothe, Sahmoht, Kusafox, Colten822, Willow, James bluewolf, Sickle, IceyEnzo, Captain Livingston Kirk, Timothy James Trent, Cheru, Grimoire Flayza, Chaotic Fluff, Winterfang, Dex Rhys, Winter, Zubari, *Phantom_Coyote*, Brian, Parallax, Kaio Kyrotera, Kingsy Lynx, Faux, Kaige, Lura Fox, Siris , Kovyn, Fen, Winter Blue, Jet Stromfield, KiloFox, Avalon Shadowcry , Anthor Eyulf, Fiction, Ravakar Ravage, Patrick, Dark, Curian Lightwing, Rune, Nyl N, Vetren Kulitan, Evan Stricts, Biosword, TubbyCat, Blarewolf, Leon wolfy, Rush, Noctis, kuden, Patrik, Lore, ViridisVoples, Gorath, Tobi , Aura, Spiderbyte44, Cobra, Khona, Blaise, Kiba, Scourge Foxtail, Seline, Raider, Fahara Thevoo, Kumo Kakera, Juliee, Geno, Derek James Xanderfield, RavenShadowDash, Jav7, ZynTheHyena, Bennicbane, Dracona, Roronoa, kylethefox, Cynergi, snow, Phillo,
Group ID:17
Group Shortname:Destiny
Status:Open Group
Founded By:Neko
Last Activity:12-21-2017 17:59 PM
Group Page Views:19153

Destiny Furrs's Display Picture

All furrs who are guardians should post their favorite class and system you play on

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Posted By: Raider @ 10-12-2015 08:26 AM
Do I need the new DLC? Cuz I didn't get it on the count that I wanted to concentrate more on Uni. Although I AM THE IRON BANNER

Posted By: ViridisVoples @ 10-12-2015 02:47 AM
Iron banner starts tomorrow, who wants to field a team?

Posted By: Shadow_W0LV @ 09-13-2015 09:49 AM
I have a question for everyone in here is anyone here from the furry vanguard?

Posted By: Raider @ 08-30-2015 10:08 AM
I AM THE IRON BANNER!!! I also do raid's and nightfalls... sadly on the Xbox One and not a PS4. Add me: I The Predator

Posted By: conner wolfstien @ 08-11-2015 07:19 AM
hi if anyone plays on ps3 look on my profile and send me friend request but make sure to let me know your from this site

Posted By: Frank @ 08-09-2015 10:26 AM
Ps3 someone help in crota's end 30, checkpoint in the last part... send me a message

Posted By: Ishbacko @ 07-29-2015 18:26 PM
to help with the vault of glass* sorry, phone is being a pain about glitching out text

Posted By: Ishbacko @ 07-29-2015 18:24 PM
lvl 30 warlock in need of players on 360 with the vault of glass, my xbox gamertag is on my profile

Posted By: Miller @ 07-12-2015 21:01 PM
Feel free to add me on xbox one. My gamer tag is Novamiller

Posted By: Evan Stricts @ 07-12-2015 13:10 PM
can anyone help me with the nighfall, ps4

Posted By: karma @ 06-15-2015 20:12 PM
Yeah there's clans, but it's a pain to browse or find them, at least as far as I can tell. I'm not sure I have the experience to run a clan, it seems like it'd be easier to find an existing one.

Posted By: Evan Stricts @ 06-14-2015 21:41 PM
hey karma. i am. can you even make a guild? if so you should make one and i would totally join

Posted By: Evan Stricts @ 06-12-2015 10:52 AM
anyfur willing to help me complete the nightfall. im on ps4 and a level 33 hunter

Posted By: Captain Livingston Kirk @ 06-11-2015 21:31 PM
Playing destiny on my 360 (had a backup) Pikajew16245 LV 18 Titan

Posted By: Artik @ 06-11-2015 11:28 AM
Artik87 on both xbox 360 and the one. Feel free to add me for raids, strikes, and cruicble. LV 34 warlock

Posted By: Jadeđź’™ @ 06-11-2015 06:31 AM
Anyone need help getting the nightfall done in bout 10-15 mins, shoot me a message at "Jade The Fynx" either on Xbox 360 or Xbox One. Will also run many other things as well x3

Posted By: Jadeđź’™ @ 06-11-2015 06:28 AM

Posted By: Captain Livingston Kirk @ 06-08-2015 20:01 PM
Playing Destiny on Xbox one im LV 14 Titan gamertag: Pikajew16245

Posted By: Captain Livingston Kirk @ 06-08-2015 19:54 PM
I have destiny for the 360 and one but my 360 just gave me red ring :(

Posted By: Evan Stricts @ 06-05-2015 09:48 AM

Posted By: Evan Stricts @ 06-05-2015 09:46 AM
looking to tackle the prison of elders lvl 34, im a lvl 33 huner, could use some help

Posted By: Leon wolfy @ 06-05-2015 02:56 AM
any friendly furs play on 360 this wolf is looking for fellow gamers

Posted By: Zubari @ 05-27-2015 18:08 PM
Hey I need more people to play on PS4 with me D: My PSN is AceLacroix. Add me <3

Posted By: ViridisVoples @ 05-23-2015 10:16 AM
Can anyone suggest a good clan (mostly PvE) on xbox one? The game gets lonely :)

Posted By: Kaige @ 05-23-2015 06:37 AM
level 30 warlock ps4 im super friendly and would love to have more people to play destiny with :3 psn is matsuri27 shoot me a friend request saying that you found me on this group and ill accept it :3

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