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DF and DL and friends Group
Group Leaders:EquusNaughty,
Members:Zephy, Greeney, EquusNaughty, Kkow, Jasper Fox, vensus-alison,
Group ID:169
Group Shortname:DFDLfriend
Status:Open Group
Founded By:EquusNaughty
Last Activity:03-18-2016 06:14 AM
Group Page Views:24217

DF and DL and friends's Display Picture

I thought we should start a group, for the few of us, that are into diapers. So, if your're a DiaperFur, a DiaperLover and a friendly, accepting person-then sure, join this group and say hello.

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Posted By: vensus-alison @ 03-18-2016 06:14 AM
hello! ^.^ i'm also a furry loving DL

Posted By: Kkow @ 01-18-2016 17:48 PM
I found the group, im a furry loving DL

Posted By: EquusNaughty @ 12-19-2015 12:05 PM
I just wish this listing wasn't so far back on the Groups List, so that it might get a few more people seeing it/joining it!!

Posted By: EquusNaughty @ 10-17-2015 21:15 PM
Are they members here? If yes, it's Ok to tell them about this group. Unless, someone actually spends some time searching through the groups listings, no one is going to know, this thing even exists??

Posted By: Greeney @ 10-15-2015 22:04 PM
I know others but it's their choice if they want to join

Posted By: EquusNaughty @ 10-15-2015 16:37 PM
I'm hoping more do, someday? I know there's a lot of us-true, less than the AB/BF crowd, but yeah, we are out there, with the rest of the diaper people.

Posted By: Greeney @ 10-14-2015 21:42 PM
Yup ^-^

Posted By: EquusNaughty @ 10-14-2015 15:05 PM
Well, hello there Greeney, glad someone found this group.

Posted By: Greeney @ 10-11-2015 01:31 AM
hi >.>

Posted By: EquusNaughty @ 10-09-2015 16:22 PM
OK, let's see who else, gets to say hello here?

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