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Vehicalfurs Group
Group Leaders:MrTwinky,
Members:Jack, Bishup Sharjakstae, MrTwinky, Captain Livingston Kirk, Siris, Joker Wolf, Kris Husky, Shikaku Spark The Half Dragon, Lucas, Ollie, Kumo Kakera, Kkow, Amapellicius, PsycoTiger, Fox Cox, Trixie the Welder, snow, snow or Max, 🍬Candie🍬, Death man or kolton, Sleepy, Pratt, Geode Aurora Nox-Ignis, articumbreon,
Group ID:149
Group Shortname:vehicalfur
Status:Open Group
Founded By:lsvillan
Last Activity:07-15-2020 22:15 PM
Group Page Views:30074

Vehicalfurs's Display Picture

A group for furs who love any kinds of vehicles to come together and see each others rides and stuff.

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Posted By: articumbreon @ 07-15-2020 22:15 PM
wow im very glad your safe bro thats gotta be pretty scary in a single engine plane

Posted By: Siris @ 07-15-2020 16:48 PM
Cylinder failed chatostrophically, not sure why for certain.

Posted By: articumbreon @ 07-15-2020 08:02 AM
ahh wow im glad it seems everything turned out ok so what caused the problem was it just a emepty tank?

Posted By: Siris @ 07-15-2020 01:20 AM
No, I was landing at an uncontroled little airfield out there. Ended up loosing the engine right at touchdown and pushing the rest of the way off the runway. Not much to go at raleigh east for that

Posted By: articumbreon @ 07-15-2020 00:24 AM
hey i just got that tank in emergency to play sounds scary did you ask for assistance on the ground or no i couldnt tell on that part

Posted By: articumbreon @ 07-14-2020 15:35 PM
also that last file tank in emergency how to u get that to play?

Posted By: articumbreon @ 07-14-2020 15:33 PM
you have a beautiful plane by the way

Posted By: articumbreon @ 07-14-2020 15:33 PM
well if he was he never said nothing about italy or monte casino but he was in the 451st 322nd

Posted By: Siris @ 07-14-2020 14:38 PM
here's the dropbox link to the folder. easier than uploading all the photos to a share site https://www.dropbox.com/sh/28xvdmdxmcodn0y/AABYXxX6OqE85xDYrdlOmi5ya?dl=0

Posted By: Siris @ 07-14-2020 14:38 PM
If he flew the murader he was probably also busy in italy and involved in monte casino

Posted By: articumbreon @ 07-14-2020 08:43 AM
he had also flew a DC3 and a B26 marauder the B26 was in world war 2 he and his crew dropped bombs over Nazi Germany and one time he crash landed in France

Posted By: articumbreon @ 07-14-2020 08:41 AM
my friend ill be happy to see the photos my great grandpa flew a cessna out of horseshoe lake airport in illinois before it closed

Posted By: Siris @ 07-14-2020 02:59 AM
will have to get the photos from the blown cylinder on my cessna up here at some point

Posted By: articumbreon @ 07-13-2020 18:57 PM
2008 ford mustang my bad typing in the dark here

Posted By: articumbreon @ 07-13-2020 18:57 PM
if anyone hears of some cheap ram air intake for a 1008 v6 ford mustang with MAFS sensor port let me know i really need to find one lowest bid i got is $100 i would like to pay less but if i have to pay $100 i will

Posted By: articumbreon @ 07-13-2020 18:40 PM
me and my ride yall daily driver but fun and i love it V6 2008 ford mustang got her for $4900 only 110k miles

Posted By: Captain Livingston Kirk @ 02-23-2016 23:13 PM
I like Air cooled VW bugs 1967 and older

Posted By: Joker Wolf @ 02-06-2016 12:27 PM
If anyone is looking for a good project you can drive as you fix. Message me by kik or text.

Posted By: Kkow @ 01-18-2016 17:53 PM
That sounds expensive and I don't think Subarus are all that easy to work on . I also have a lifted Jeep wrangle on 33".

Posted By: PsycoTiger @ 01-17-2016 12:10 PM
The sedan has an EJ20G turbo motor swapped in, but it lost compression on 1 cylinder, I havent been able to fix it yet..

Posted By: Kkow @ 01-15-2016 21:41 PM
I like Subarus, i have a 2002 WRX, its mostly stock and not much to look at.

Posted By: PsycoTiger @ 01-15-2016 19:27 PM
my daily

Posted By: PsycoTiger @ 01-15-2016 19:26 PM
my racecar, under construction!

Posted By: Lucas @ 10-20-2015 03:27 AM
i love working on vehicles

Posted By: Siris @ 06-11-2015 09:37 AM
someone snapped this of me lastyear

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