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Vehicalfurs Group
Group Leaders:MrTwinky,
Members:Jack, MrTwinky, Captain Livingston Kirk, Siris, Joker Wolf, Kris Husky, Shikaku Spark The Half Dragon, Lucas, Ollie, Kumo Kakera, Kkow, Amapellicius, PsycoTiger, Fox Cox, Trixie the Welder, snow, snow the wolf, 🍬Candie🍬, Death man or kolton, Sleepy, Pratt,
Group ID:149
Group Shortname:vehicalfur
Status:Open Group
Founded By:lsvillan
Last Activity:02-23-2016 23:13 PM
Group Page Views:12625

Vehicalfurs's Display Picture

A group for furs who love any kinds of vehicles to come together and see each others rides and stuff.

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Posted By: Captain Livingston Kirk @ 02-23-2016 23:13 PM
I like Air cooled VW bugs 1967 and older

Posted By: Joker Wolf @ 02-06-2016 12:27 PM
If anyone is looking for a good project you can drive as you fix. Message me by kik or text.

Posted By: Kkow @ 01-18-2016 17:53 PM
That sounds expensive and I don't think Subarus are all that easy to work on . I also have a lifted Jeep wrangle on 33".

Posted By: PsycoTiger @ 01-17-2016 12:10 PM
The sedan has an EJ20G turbo motor swapped in, but it lost compression on 1 cylinder, I havent been able to fix it yet..

Posted By: Kkow @ 01-15-2016 21:41 PM
I like Subarus, i have a 2002 WRX, its mostly stock and not much to look at.

Posted By: PsycoTiger @ 01-15-2016 19:27 PM
my daily

Posted By: PsycoTiger @ 01-15-2016 19:26 PM
my racecar, under construction!

Posted By: Lucas @ 10-20-2015 03:27 AM
i love working on vehicles

Posted By: Siris @ 06-11-2015 09:37 AM
someone snapped this of me lastyear

Posted By: Siris @ 06-11-2015 09:36 AM

Posted By: MrTwinky @ 06-01-2015 07:28 AM

Posted By: MrTwinky @ 05-28-2015 08:12 AM
Welcome to the group everyone!

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