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furrys looking for pets Group
Group Leaders:nightscale,
Members:🐾☢ blue eyes ☣🐾, Deltabooty, James Q Layton, Zver, nekon relius ravenfox, Sclábhaí Púca, reven, Snow, nightscale, renniks peacecraft, Alana Rose, masterlucario64, coalwaters, Dante Micheals , Zen Ryuuji, Hefty Sheppy, Chaos, Gone, red panda, Gl1tch, blue, Inumi, Casey, Lotus, vampire, Frankie Carbon, Robert Silvermyst, Vixen Rose, Serene, vampire, Missy Meow, Trace_The_Folf, nite, Zherathul the Voidscale, ProfessorTenebrae, Tas Grikasz, storm bloodbane, Taramafor, Apollo Aphrodite, nightscale2, Eliah, renniks, Rex, debyrus, Alaina Pearl, Little Tails, Toxic, Yuri Jaxis Wulf, Moonlightwolfpup, Ryun, Caius Lupus, loverinsapphire, Dark wolf, Albi, Max, RazZ, Diaspro, Raser,
Group ID:143
Group Shortname:furslookin
Status:Open Group
Founded By:Nate9
Last Activity:04-20-2022 00:17 AM
Group Page Views:29658

furrys looking for pets's Display Picture

This a group for furrys looking for pets

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Posted By: Diaspro @ 04-20-2022 00:17 AM
Looking for a female pet loyal, sweet, kind of cheeky, slim or a bit curvy, any species will do ages 23–30, and living around Chicago area in Illinois. who's looking for a slightly chubby Owner.

Posted By: Albi @ 05-28-2021 21:11 PM
Owner looking for a subby dedicated pet in oklahoma. pref:slim/thicc-ish any gender.

Posted By: Dark wolf @ 03-22-2021 14:20 PM
Hi I am looking for a male that has bad dragons toys OwU

Posted By: 🐾☢ blue eyes ☣🐾 @ 05-08-2019 23:43 PM
Master looking for a female's pet to respect and enjoy company of PM or kik me interested

Posted By: Moonlightwolfpup @ 05-08-2019 09:08 AM
i am a winged magical wolf looking for a master

Posted By: Yuri Jaxis Wolfen @ 04-09-2019 10:41 AM
Looking for a master or mistress, loyal and protective

Posted By: Taramafor @ 03-02-2019 05:01 AM
Kinky hellhound on the sub side looking to get to know a female owner with real life eventually. I'll be loyal as they come and have gotten others to look after me before despite concerns. Being there and communication is key. I'll look after you if you look after me.

Posted By: Toxic @ 02-18-2019 04:20 AM
Looking for a master

Posted By: Rex @ 05-29-2018 21:11 PM
Looking for a female pet. Any species

Posted By: Rex @ 05-09-2018 16:37 PM
Looking for a female pet. Any species

Posted By: Gl1tch @ 03-29-2018 19:17 PM
I'm looking for one good and loyal female pet, to be trained and well cared for.

Posted By: Eliah @ 03-18-2018 23:14 PM
I want to adopt some cute puppies and form a small pack. I have experience in training dogs, but would still like to expand that quality. You can pm me on Telegram if you like. My ID is @LykValentin

Posted By: Eliah @ 03-13-2018 09:56 AM
Looking for a male pet, who wants to be my puppy.

Posted By: Eliah @ 03-13-2018 09:55 AM
Looking for a male pet, who wants to be my puppy.

Posted By: Razor @ 07-21-2017 08:49 AM
I am a pet

Posted By: Taramafor @ 05-21-2017 10:51 AM
Sub male looking for a female owner. IRL eventually but starting online of course. Send me a message and let's see what happens. I do RP (both plot and the naughty kind) but want more then "just RP"naturally. I'm also fine with others involved in an intimate sense, just note the logic works both ways.

Posted By: Vexbane Aramori @ 03-26-2017 23:10 PM
Currently looking for a pet. please see my profile for details. and no im not looking for RP/ERP.

Posted By: Bucky @ 01-17-2017 17:29 PM
Hehe ruff, looking for master

Posted By: storm bloodbane @ 01-17-2017 03:08 AM
would like to say im a fox that prefers to be a pet. im pretty kink overall but im not into it just for the sex. i do enjoy the kind of master who will spend time with me n talk to me. one that will treat it like a relationship. i am a fennec, and ive had some bad experiences with some masters. i am an exclusive. for those that dont know what that is, it means i prefer one master, one pet. i am fine with it being open, just no other pets, i tend to get jealous and im an attention hog sometimes. btw, i do love yiffing, a lot.... like.... almost addicted, dont fret hoppin in. best place to reach me would be telegram. my tele is @killuback. tell me you were from here too :) thank you

Posted By: Ishbacko @ 01-12-2017 08:24 AM
In search of active pets who are relatively active throughout the day. Mind you, you don't have to be active ALL day, but here and there periodically would be nice, and if you can be active all day, then awesome ^~^ the best place to reach me is on kik @ Ishbacko, if you search for me, you'll see my name as Ishy ~(heart emoji here) with a very old character reference I just haven't taken down cause meh. I look forward to hearing from you

Posted By: Alana Rose @ 12-15-2016 02:58 AM
Looking for a pet who is loving and caring and doesn't mind getting frisky every now and then. I'll take in pets who have had a bad past with past owners and bring them into my family. Hopefully a pet that doesn't mind having brothers and sisters to love and play around with as well. If you want to talk or have questions pm me or message me on kik at AlanaRose22

Posted By: renniks peacecraft @ 11-08-2016 21:51 PM
also i am seeking some pets to be naughty with and possibly be there rl mostly looking for pets willing to show them selves to me and talk naughty over voice and cam i will take pure rp pets but i prefer the ones who will do things like pic sharing and such

Posted By: renniks peacecraft @ 07-07-2016 19:25 PM
looking for a pet to do with as i please when i please. and then afterwards or even before drag them to various games on steam, battle.net, and or minecraft, and xbox one if interested PM me on skype or SL or kik

Posted By: Wild @ 05-29-2016 13:38 PM
I' m curious about how it's like to have a pet

Posted By: Rocco @ 03-22-2016 23:30 PM
I've got to ask, what is this about?

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