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Furry maid and butler Cafe Group
Group Leaders:Grim,
Members:Grim, Riley Collins, Richie, Cali Silvermoon, Aria, Hitachi, Draggy the Deaf Scalies, Queen St☆rdust Rose, MarMar, Aura, Cyril ZERO, Seline, Livi, kylethefox, Tas Grikasz, Glaze, Placeholder ,
Group ID:130
Group Shortname:FMBC
Status:Open Group
Founded By:Senbo
Last Activity:08-19-2015 07:45 AM
Group Page Views:53135

Furry maid and butler Cafe's Display Picture

welcome, furries of all kinds, when joining please tell the group if mew are a customer, maid or a butler that works here. thank mew and enjoy ur selves.

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Posted By: conner wolfstien @ 08-19-2015 07:45 AM
ill get right to it. *i walk to the back to change returning moments later* i do apoligize for the delay Mr. Cyril. What can i get for you today?

Posted By: Headphones @ 08-18-2015 21:22 PM
It's fine conner, go and change then I want mew to tend to Mr. Cyril, see what he wants to order, ok (Btw, guys I'm merlin and tenshi, just so mew know I've change my name a few times, Srry for the confusion if there was any)

Posted By: conner wolfstien @ 08-13-2015 16:27 PM
*rushes in the door* Sorry im late merlin, traffic was horrible! *sees aria drinking at one of the tables* aria what a surprise what brings you here?

Posted By: Tenshi @ 06-21-2015 16:39 PM
Welcome sir *at the till/counter* what would mew like to Order?

Posted By: Cyril ZERO @ 06-14-2015 08:34 AM
*walks in through the door in anthro form*

Posted By: Riley Collins @ 05-14-2015 09:16 AM
sounds good

Posted By: Aria Auroralïs @ 05-09-2015 08:52 AM
*smiles even more* Sounds great! owo

Posted By: Merlin @ 05-09-2015 07:44 AM
nope, apart fro be punctual and have fun

Posted By: Riley Collins @ 05-08-2015 14:17 PM
are there any requirments?

Posted By: Aria Auroralïs @ 05-08-2015 10:17 AM
*smiles at Merlin, taking the drink* Okies! ^^

Posted By: Merlin @ 05-08-2015 08:59 AM
ah yes welcome *pouring aria a glass of apple juice* if mew guys are interested in joins i would gladly welcome the help *walks over to aria placing the glass of apple juice on the table in front of her*

Posted By: Riley Collins @ 05-06-2015 12:49 PM
how interesting... i suppose if you two are going to apply i might as well try my luck...

Posted By: Aria Auroralïs @ 05-05-2015 10:01 AM
*She smiles shyly at Mar* Y-yes! I was hoping to get a job here! ^-^

Posted By: Riley Collins @ 05-05-2015 08:52 AM
oh, hello there

Posted By: MarMar @ 05-04-2015 17:03 PM

Posted By: MarMar @ 05-04-2015 17:01 PM
*the cute little neko walked in, in the maid outfit* u-uhm..hello~? i heard you need someone as a substitute as a maid? *She swayed her tail and looked at aria* oh! hello aria! are you here for the job too?

Posted By: Aria Auroralïs @ 05-04-2015 13:38 PM
*smiles* I-I used to work as a maid, but I was kinda laid off. They needed to make a few cuts. o3o

Posted By: Riley Collins @ 05-04-2015 13:36 PM
i simply wish to observe as i plan on becoming a butler

Posted By: Aria Auroralïs @ 05-04-2015 13:34 PM
*shrugs* I was just loitering about and decided to get something to drink. What about you?

Posted By: Riley Collins @ 05-04-2015 13:17 PM
*takes a seat* thank you, so what brings you here, ma'am?

Posted By: Aria Auroralïs @ 05-04-2015 13:15 PM
*smiles softly and motions to an open seat* Of course!

Posted By: Riley Collins @ 05-04-2015 13:01 PM
*walks over to aria* may i sit with you?

Posted By: Aria Auroralïs @ 05-04-2015 12:54 PM
Uhm... Might I get some apple juice please? *offers a sweet smile and sits down*

Posted By: ThunderBell @ 05-03-2015 08:50 AM
*notices aria walk in* welcome miss can i get mew any thing?

Posted By: Aria Auroralïs @ 05-01-2015 12:24 PM
*timidly walks in*

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