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Gravity Furrs Group
Group Leaders:The Original admin DizzyUnbound seems to have left the Group
Contact DarkXander to Assume Control of this Group.
Members:Snow, Rydarius, Aria, Nightshade Darkfang, Draggy the Deaf Scalies, Hefty Sheppy, LoneWolf, Canceled, Jinx, Ryun, Crimson,
Group ID:125
Group Shortname:gravityfur
Status:Open Group
Founded By:DizzyUnbound
Last Activity:03-14-2015 22:45 PM
Group Page Views:43509

Gravity Furrs's Display Picture

Gravity Falls fans! Welcome one and all!

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Posted By: Aria Auroralïs @ 03-14-2015 22:45 PM
I know! I'm surprised there wasn't a group about it before! OwO

Posted By: Rydarius @ 03-14-2015 20:19 PM
such a great show ^~^

Posted By: Aria Auroralïs @ 03-12-2015 21:02 PM

Posted By: Aria Auroralïs @ 03-12-2015 21:02 PM

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