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wolves Group
Group Leaders:The Original admin Senbo seems to have left the Group
Contact DarkXander to Assume Control of this Group.
Members:☢ Shiro ☢, Thamet, Couragen, wolfdarkmoon, Draven, ☯Flamewolf, LaVi, Dezzarea, Alvastar Swiftpaws, Greeney, Inferno, Shihou Mikado, Amrod, Volk Sokolova, Eva Rima, Profile Closed, Roxi, Wolf Tux Yiffy, Skye shadowfang, Abaddon, Riley Collins, Fen, Winter Blue, Axel Fang, Mecheux, Anthor Eyulf, Lyca, Eberhard Govinda, Dianna, Cyro Inferno, ShadowMoon, Volfur2251, Lucas, Anarchy, Sid, Attacus, Eevee, Aria, DoggyCan, Shunkaha Stormwolf, Leon wolfy, Drake Alastor, FloriaWolf, Kai Storm, LoneWolf, Das Foof, Mister Smiles , Wolfiel, WORGENWOLFX, Kiba, Stormraven, Frankred, Airiles, Wolfie, RaisorTheWolf, Salvatore Beltair, night the wolf, Arconius, Robert Silvermyst, Lupine Furmen, Pepsihusky, BlazeWolf117, strenter, Harmony Mystheart, Jaeger, Grey, Jav7, ZynTheHyena, friendlywolf3, Friendly Wolf , Taharee, Furrypup, Duncan Donahan, Mitu, Tails the WolfShark, Jerrin Silverwolf, Lokyr, Elshara Silverheart, bluehart, Darren, Silas Blackheart, fuzzpawsthewolf, Umbra, snow or Felix , Neirall, Exitius, Death man or kolton, Split Shine, Shinkirou, furryboi1914, Rawrwolf, James, Wolfsbaneisme, Skittmeme, Yuri Jaxis Wulf, Ryun, wolfkyl, Grey, DJSkolf, Kovach, Caius Lupus, articumbreon, Aaron wolf, Spirit Bluefur, Dark wolf, Renaux, Shadow, Ace, Starwolf, EverestHusky, RazZ, XavierHummel21, Blackdawn Snowywolf , Apollo, Kaito,
Group ID:110
Group Shortname:Fluffbuttz
Status:Open Group
Founded By:Senbo
Last Activity:11-25-2021 03:33 AM
Group Page Views:34307

wolves's Display Picture

come to the wolf side we have cookies, doughnuts and tea.

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Posted By: EverestHusky @ 11-25-2021 03:33 AM
Hello! The blue husky is here! Care yo join me? :)

Posted By: articumbreon @ 07-14-2020 19:50 PM
i enjoy them *lays back down wagging tail playfully*

Posted By: fuzzpawsthewolf @ 07-14-2020 19:48 PM
gladdly accepts the offered tea, sips slowly..

Posted By: fuzzpawsthewolf @ 07-14-2020 19:48 PM
"I stay away from the energy drinks,... those things are not good for ya.."

Posted By: articumbreon @ 07-14-2020 08:37 AM
lays on side and shyly slides a bottle of tea over to my new friend* yep that and energy drinks are good in the morning

Posted By: fuzzpawsthewolf @ 07-14-2020 06:14 AM
Tea is good, lays near Articumbreon... Am also a hybrid Omega... (see my profile for more)

Posted By: articumbreon @ 07-13-2020 23:16 PM
oh by the way im a omega not a alpha *walks over to the corner of the den lays down and drinks a nice cold lemonade iced tea*

Posted By: articumbreon @ 07-13-2020 23:13 PM
i am drinking tea also if any wolf wants to talk just msg me

Posted By: Fenrix Darkwolf @ 03-04-2020 22:10 PM
There is life.... it is the remnants of a great pack...

Posted By: fuzzpawsthewolf @ 03-02-2020 23:13 PM
Pads in quietly, looking around for signs of life

Posted By: Fenrix Darkwolf @ 02-26-2020 21:57 PM
how do we settle this?

Posted By: Split Shine @ 02-26-2020 07:16 AM
sure i'll challenge you

Posted By: Fenrix Darkwolf @ 02-24-2020 02:21 AM
Dead round here.... no alphas.... lifts leg... challengers?

Posted By: Wolfsbaneisme @ 10-12-2018 09:08 AM
How's everyone's day?

Posted By: Wolfsbaneisme @ 10-11-2018 11:13 AM
What's up?

Posted By: Rawrwolf @ 08-18-2018 13:41 PM
They have cookies here? Oh my. Fortune cookies I hope OwO

Posted By: kurito san @ 11-26-2017 02:15 AM
the nephilim vampire wolf has joined

Posted By: Eva Rima @ 09-30-2016 10:50 AM

Posted By: SilverBolt @ 09-30-2016 01:43 AM
Hey! :P

Posted By: BlazeWolf117 @ 09-29-2016 20:45 PM
Hello all

Posted By: Elshara Silverheart @ 08-11-2016 00:28 AM
I'm in! Hi all!

Posted By: Grey @ 12-27-2015 06:04 AM

Posted By: Robert Silvermyst @ 10-26-2015 23:47 PM

Posted By: Salvatore Beltair @ 09-15-2015 12:13 PM

Posted By: «ΤhεΘгίgίηΚσσlίσ»♥ @ 08-16-2015 06:13 AM
Hai ^π^

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