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Forums » Sales, Auctions, and Commissions » Dubys Furry art shop

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Forums » Sales, Auctions, and Commissions » Dubys Furry art shop

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Post ID: 1803
Posted: 04-17-2018 19:28 PM
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Posted: 04-17-2018 19:28 PM » Editted: 05-10-2018 19:05 PM

Hello everyone, I'm not sure if im allowed to do this or not? If not i'm sorry D:


But I'm intrested in starting a shop on here for people to get custom artwork by me! 

My price sheet https://www.furaffinity.net/view/26033948/">www.furaffinity.net/view/26033948/">https://www.furaffinity.net/view/26033948/

Animation: 5-10$ for simple animation Like eyes blinking, stars twinking, blood dripping. ((Will be denied if animation is to complex.))

My examples: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/duby/folder/396524/Art-I-made-3">www.furaffinity.net/gallery/duby/folder/396524/Art-I-made-3">https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/duby/folder/396524/Art-I-made-3


Do's: Couples,Basic furry designs, backgrounds, animation, all gender furs, Semi NSFW ((Nothing to overly innaprorate))


Don'ts: Vore,Children in a innaprotate manner,scat,Complicated designs such as robotics. Complicated backgrounds((Unless throughly talked through details, maybe) Intense NSFW Scenes.


I'm opened for challanges, so don't be affraid to ask, Also if my prices are abit to expensive for you, you can Private message me and we can talk about a better price. Those prices are just a base price that I will work with. 


Rules: 1: Please be patient and understand that I am a mom that has alittle one, my hands can get full which can delay your peice.

2. Be kind, and don't complain if its not the best of work. I try my best.

3. Credit the artist. Please don't claim to be the one who drew the art. Thats not fair

4. Make sure to know exactly what you want, I can't think for you.

5. Prove that you own the character! I will not draw something that is stolen.

6. Don't haggle me to draw your peice before others. Whos in the top que goes first.

7. Don't steal others commisons from this thread. If someone is getting art from here, i'm sure they don't want there pretty drawing stolen.

8. Have fun, and let your character come to life with my art! 


Que list 0/3

1: Open

2: Open

3: Open


How to post a commison?

Type of commison: (Bust/Hip/Full body)

1 or two characters?:

Name of character or characters:


Further details:


Final price:


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