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Disabled Wolf Seeking Assistance Posted by: Joker Wolf at 10-14-2017 05:29 AM, Last Modified 02-25-2018 11:48 AM
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Update #3: I haven't posted much here in a while, due to being busy.
Not much has happened, though i remain hopeful.

Update #2: Yet another act of kindness!
Thank you, to the one's who helped me get an oil pump, along with fresh oil.
It is still a ways out, but, every little bit helps me close in on my goal.

Update: I have been able to order a gasket kit, and have it shipped.
It is only a small step, but i am thankful for any help given.

Hello everyone.
I do not pride myself on asking for help, though, i am disabled and can no longer work; cutting my options short, and thus causing me to reach out.

I've recently had a run of bad luck involving my old car (actually old, she's from the sixties) and has since been diagnosed with a poor outlook via engine life.
Even in rough shape, i do not want to get rid of my baby unless i had to; also being i cannot remotely afford something that was more reliable.

My goal as of now, is to try and raise enough money to replace the old, worn out parts with new; alternatively, replacing the engine if they think it cannot be saved.

The list so far:

Lifters, valves, valve seats, rings, and cam due to poor top-end oil circulation. (Causes stalling and an awful clattering sound)
Possible sleeves if the cylinder walls have taken damage/marring.
Oil and water pump to help push coolant and oil efficiently, along with all lines for vacuum and distribution of liquids.
Suspension work to replace the old, failing shocks to prevent bottoming out.
(Oil pan and transmission can take damage if bottomed out hard enough)
Then tie it in with enough to cover labor and have it done by a professional.
If they can save it, the cost in parts would be roughly $1,500 USD before labor.
If they cannot, the estimate for a new engine could be over $3,500 USD before labor.

I don't expect a miracle, but any help is greatly appreciated.
Spreading word is just as important, if you know someone who could help a wolf in need.

To those taking the time to read this, i thank you.
My contact information is below.

Kik: 🐺 Joker
Xbox: JMSM92
Text: 1 2543390540......

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