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HikkiBear's Fursona Avatar
Name:HikkiBear in St.Louis Offline
Relationship:Rather Not Say

Anime fur
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Last Active:11-23-2014 05:59 AM
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About Me:
Hello my name is Hikkikomori, or "Hikki" for short. i have jet black fur and blood red ears. i sport a razor sharp mohawk and im half tanuki, but most of my traits are bear though giving me the appearance of an average bear. i have enlarged balls like that of a tanuki, but my tail is clipped off. I have an unnatural love of anime, and low quality Japanese snack foods. i spend most of my time in my basement playing NES, and sega Genesis, or just watching anime. im really kind of a shy dude, but if u take the time to get to know me, im not a bad guy. i have this competitive personality about me when it comes to games. sometimes its actually pretty scary. i kinda have this belief that if we are to cross paths and make eye contact while doing so (only if u have a DS on hand) that we must have a pokebattle (yes, im prone to fits of geekdom) also ladies and gentleman im single, so if u'd like to go on a date (or just hang out) i currently live in tower grove (used to live near the delmar loop) if there's anything u'd like to know about this punked out bear feel free to ask away :3

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