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Name:Grunnolf in Auburn Offline
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Future Space for Blogs

About Me:
I am second generation in the u.s family originated from Germany. I'm a heavy gamer I average 9 hours a day (school or no school). I am a melb. Shuffler and go to raves when I can. I drink soda and eat a Crapload of junkfood. I have a job as an Avaya partner phone system programmer at 35 dollars an hour. I am also a beginning game developer. I know how to code in c#, c++, NotePad++, java, java script, xna, etc I can go on for a while. So uh yea if u wanna know anything else just lemme know. O and I love my techno lol. Umm i love to where my phats at least once a week. For those who game i will list usernames and game names that you can reach me on. Xbox (Greymouse335), Runescape (Grunnolf), League of legends (Grunnolf), Starcraft 2 (Greymouse335), Steam (Grunnolf) ... steam goes for all possible steam games i might play (i only have a few). Now for the very wierd looking sona section =P. Oh and for those who may already semi know me or read every word me and my sona sound identical because we are. i modelled him after me :3.


Sex: Male
Species: Kenai Peninsula Grey Wolf
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 160 - 170 lbs

Appearance; Like most Grey wolves out there Grunnolf has a nice blend of white, tan, and grey fur. His Backside consists of mosty a blueish grey that loops around and blends into a tanish grey color that covers his underside (belly region). His paws are a crisp snow white with little hints of a cloudy grey mixed in as well. His tail is semi bushy and is a blueish grey as well. He has a muscular structure that can be seen but it isn't to extreme.

Markings: His tail has black stripes on either side. The stripes start out thick at the base of the tail and flow down the sides into a point at the end of the tail. His feet have similar markings. There is a black stripe on either side that start out at a point towards the front of the foot, but get thicker and end up wrapping around the heel making it pure black. His torso has a black stripe on both sides that starts at the joint of the shoulders, and curve inwards slightly and end in a sharp tip at near the hips.

Eye Color: Blueish grey with hints of green and white mixed in.

Behavior and Personality: Grunnolf is a very calm and respectable wolf (that is until you really get to know him). When in public Grunnolf tries to hold up to the Virtues of duty, honor, and integrity which where taught to him when he was a pup. He tries to keep to himself, but when time permits he helps those who need it and does what needs to be done. However, when he is in his own house with no one around and/or around friends he completly changes. He goes from calm to hyper for when he is with friends or alone there is always music playing and people dancing (he loves to Rave Dance). He becomes very playfull and friendly when he is happy. When he is at parties he is always eager to make new friends. Odds are if you see him alone in public or at a party he will have energy drinks with him ( he is so obsessed with them). But no matter the energy level try to become friends with him he won't hurt!

Skills: Can rave well and is great at building things.

Weaknessess/Fears: his weakness is hot temperatures ( temperatures consisting 80 degree's and above). He is fearfull of Small areas, narrow corridors, and corners due to the fact he was always cornered or blocked in small areas. He also is afraid of being left alone because he was abandoned by his parents and he likes to have people to talk to.

Likes: He absolutely loves rave music, rave dancing, lazers, loud music, and glowsticks, Friends, and he loves his mate even though he rarely talks about his mate.

History: He was found when he was a pup laying in the snow injured. He was then taken in and nourished back to health. In his time of recovery we began to know each other more and notice our similarities in music, dancing styles, hobbies, etc. After many months of being roommates we consider each other like a brother. It turns out that he never really fit in with anyone either. He was always the "lone wolf". No one really cared about him and thought that he was strange. It turns out that he has a sister as well that took care of him for as long as she could. She left him once she heard the sound of people coming closer, for she knew that he would be better off with them and they would be able to help him more.

Clothing/Personal Style: He wears normal shirts and baggyish pants alot. He always wears sweatshirts and hoodies. When he is in the mood for parties he then wears his Phat pants and bright colored shirts. He is also a big fan of glow sticks due to the fact that they glow (go figure). He likes to wear watches and dj style headphones.

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