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People think they can destroy this site...... Posted by: DarkXander at 09-17-2014 00:57 AM
Last night a user by the name of Bliss began using a SYN flood script in combination with Tor proxys which while i support Tor, the fucktards need to put some limits on what it can do, and give people an opt out for its proxy access. He keeps changing IPs and essentially confusing the web server into thinking its serving its maximum number of users while in fact the system is mostly idle.

I dropped my MC server and added the extra 8 GB of ram to apache, and then put a few tricks into the firewall settings now that im actually home, unfortunatly this all started while i was away from home driving around running errands or i could have mitigated it quicker. did my best from my smartphone remotely but its not the same as a PC.

Critique and input wanted Posted by: Siris at 09-10-2014 17:26 PM
Hello everyone old and new and as it has not been said in a long time welcome to FurrTrax. I'm generally not much one for the spotlight, but wanted to call everyone together for an important cause. In light of some recent and past community held opinions, we would like to take the opportunity to reach out to the community at large. We in the leadership and management of the site would like to invite you to tell us what you think. This site is important to all involved and we recognize that you, the user, are as much a creator and steward of this community as those of us in office. We want to hear from you what we do wrong, what we do right, how we can fix things, what we can add, and what we can improve upon. Including who in management have been unhelpful in our goal of creating a better furry community. Hold nothing back, we want to know so we can make your experience here better! I encourgage you to take advantage of the opportunity and message either myself or Leon schäfer at your leisure, please know that anything you send to myself or Leon will be considered confidential and respected. Your right to privately voice concerns and annoyance will not be used against you. If you wish for a reply on the matter of your comment please say so in your message! Below are helpful links to get you started!

Moderator Leon Schäfer
Moderator Siris

Please note that this is not an excuse to push and personal grudges or vendettas and such call outs will be simply ignored, if you have an issue with the ethical standing of a moderator, please mention it in your message instead of submitting anecdotal evidence. Keep this constructive, this is here to help us make the site better for everyone after all.

We appreciate your feedback.

Furry PC Gamers Posted by: DarkXander at 09-10-2014 15:51 PM
For those Furry Gamers who like FPS and War games, especially those with vehicles, aircraft, etc. Battlefield 2 has recently been dropped by EA Games Officially, so they shutdown the backend and all the player matchmaking for it. However the game now lives on, and is FREE to play thanks to Battlelog.co which has their own BF2 Matchmaking system and stats system which I myself helped setup, create and get working as a secondary project. All you need is the game, patched with their new game exe, and it plays as if the EA system is still up, and matchmaking works flawlessly.

IF you want to give it a try, go register an account at Battlelog.co. IF you want to, but dont have Battlefield 2, dont worry, You can download it free at BF2.club which is run by one of their supporters. IT will give you a fully patched, ready to play installer ISO.

Site Downtime yesterday and today Posted by: DarkXander at 08-12-2014 09:04 AM
Im having issues with the Traffic controls on the server and im not quite sure why, im looking into it. Were not under attack or anything the Traffic manager just keeps getting confused and relaying page requests to site 0, which doesnt exist.... Ill figure it out, in the mean time just bear with us.

Badges, Avatars, not updating or not uploading...FIXED Posted by: DarkXander at 08-10-2014 21:06 PM
Sorry Guys the permissions for upload were set wrong after the server rebuild, it was allowing some but not all. Should now be fixed!

My Birthday Posted by: DarkXander at 08-04-2014 10:56 AM
I had a small gathering of those who are close to me on Sunday and had a quiet but happy birthday yesterday, First one in three years that hasnt ended in trouble. Just FYI

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