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FurrTrax Raffle Group Posted by: DarkXander at 10-24-2014 16:24 PM
Theres this group called FurrTrax Raffle, you might want to read its page

FurrTrax is now protected by CloudFlare Posted by: DarkXander at 10-24-2014 00:12 AM
FurrTrax is now protected by CloudFlare, please report any strange behavior in the site and its features, or anything that looks like it may be broken. There security software may not understand certain parts of the site.

Coming Soon to a Website near you! Posted by: DarkXander at 10-23-2014 09:52 AM
The FurrTrax General Store - FurrTrax items for Sale, as well as member consignments of items and services, commissions etc.
Commenting and Liking of Profiles, Profile Pages
I had a thought about setting up a teamspeak since there is now a android teamspeak app, so people could voicechat, if interested in that item reply to this saying teamspeak yes please.

I dont have a timetable on these items, they will get done when time allows.

WANTED: 3D animators of Furry Characters Posted by: DarkXander at 10-21-2014 15:14 PM
Looking for 1 or more furry 3D animators for a special project, there may be compensation for work done. Contact DarkXander.

FurrTrax Informational Video Posted by: DarkXander at 10-19-2014 22:26 PM

FurAffinity and SoFurry Down for the count! Posted by: DarkXander at 10-16-2014 13:34 PM
Seems that for the last day or few The two bigger sites have been getting hit by attacks, So far we've had a few blips on the radar but nothing the Server and Firewall couldnt handle for the most part. I did extend offers to both FurAffinity and SoFurry to assist them with their troubled networks, but as of now, not even a gracefull decline, We shall see how long it takes for them to get back online. In the mean time i guess that means we will get more traffic

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