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FurrTrax has 7268 Members and counting!!! 5 Newest: furrylover | schlusky | DKs | Diana | luna azul |
Welcome Guest, Current Server Time is 04-23-2014 18:41 PM
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Advertise with us!!!! $5 a month Posted by: DarkXander at 04-10-2014 13:02 PM
Im looking for anyone interested in advertising on FurrTrax, $5 a month to start with, banners will rotate evenly based on view count not on randomness, so all ads will get the same face time. Banners will showup at the top of the site and will be 728 x 90 in size, PNG, GIF, JPG, or Flash will be allowed.

Ads will also be available on the mobile site and apps login pages at the normal mobile banner size.

The current ads on the site are from Chitika, and they have only generated $8.31 total, since november of last year. They arent even worth the space they take up, Except for a few donations, I have been paying the sites bills out of my own pocket the whole time..... There have been about $30 in donations in the last 4 months total.

Click here to see the Advertising Earnings Report - Its pointless to continue with them when the system costs $90 a month for co-location, and maintenance, that does not include my time and trouble working on the site, or the stress it has been causing me lately.

I will remove the Chitika Ads and put in the new ones as soon as the first person submits an ad and the $5 fee. I am also open to discussing other forms of advertising without being detrimental to the site tho. It will not become a mess of countless banners.

Contact DarkXander for details.

7000 Members and Growing!!! Posted by: DarkXander at 04-10-2014 12:37 PM
Membership just keeps growing it seems, i gotta say its a nice feeling to receive the messages i do occasionally from members thanking me for creating this project, 5 in the last month. Keep it going! I just started a advertising program with FurAffinity so the membership should be feeding off there soon too.

Steam, Playstation, XBox, SecondLife Posted by: DarkXander at 03-20-2014 14:05 PM
Steam, Playstation, XBox, SecondLife have now been added as profile options on the full website and mobile versions. We have also created a FurrTrax Steam Group called FurrTrax, Join up!

FurrTrax Project Continues to Amaze Posted by: DarkXander at 03-17-2014 00:06 AM
I said this when we crossed 5000 members, now here we are at 6500 only a short time later, i never expected this side project of mine to become so popular and take off so quickly..... This project is by far the most successfull usage and membership wise that i have ever built. It has its drama, and it has its bad apples which we run into every now and again, but to see that it gained another 1500 members durring a time when i was so stressed that i did absolutely 0 advertising or pushing of any form just makes me smile again.

I think i finally put to rest permanently the bug with entries in your "viewed your profile" box sometimes loading a blank profile page. There was a old outdated algorithm left in the profile handler for the mobile app which was causing the usernames to not save properly sometimes when a mobile user viewed a profile, it should now be corrected.

I am looking for some volunteers to help us with a little bit of marketing in the next week or two, basically anyone with photoshop experience can be helpfull, but anyone with knowledge of forum and social websites can also help in desceminating the information to the nessicery channels as well. Anyone who helps us out will be given donator rank for their contribution of their valuable time.

Thanks for enjoying the project Fellow Furrs.


NEW UPDATES Posted by: Aliana at 02-05-2014 12:47 PM
Hey guys, Thanks to everyone that helped out with the game we were able to do more as a team to help our members.

First off, The chatrooms.
As you guys have seen, a list of the rooms has been posted up, so for those of you still wondering what they mean well now you know! However to get into more depth, several of you guys were asking about the rules regarding the chatrooms, its pretty simple but just for you guys we will post it up again.
~Main/General= have fun, chat away and keep it pg13
~Rp (clean)= Let your imagination run wild, just not as wild as where people are dying or being abused.
~Yiff/danger= Means usually all kinds of sex including some dangerous ones, however if its a little to dangerous move it to the Extreme Room.
~Extreme= Do all your naughty little kinks go as far as you like just not as far as death.
~Babydaycare= Have fun being your babyfur, rp with your families and caretakers. NO CHILD/YIFF allowed.
~TCT= Talk, RP in the bar, get wasted, just don't burn down the place. Bartenders are allowed to have their fun serving up people. Just don't fight over who is serving.
~Scifi= Let your imagination go wild but dont get to crazy in there, last thing we need is the room to blow up.
~Sparring= Have your own powers, NO DEATH.
~Art= Share, talk commissions and NO PLAGIARISM

***BABYFURS, are welcomed to be within the bounds of the yiff room. However if people don't feel comfortable with it, we ask that any babyfur and parties involved move it into the DAYCARE. The room is there for a reason, kindly use it for anything your little baby hearts desire. Crawl, climb, be like bambam.. just remember no sexual play with a baby fur/child.***

Second, Iphones and Tablets.
For those who were wanting it to be expanded, guess what!!! YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT ON YOUR IPHONES AND TABLETS! If your having a bit of trouble, contact any of the MODS/ADMIN.

Third, The glitch for the most part of clicking upon the name of the person has been reviewing your profile has been fixed, however if there is still a problem with it in any manner drop us a line and we will investigate it as a team.

Also, several of members are trying to get the rooms active, so not everyone is crowded into one room, Team members of the staff will encourage people who are in the rooms to move into the right room with their conversations and/or RPS. IF we can get the rooms active, we may post up the LGBT Furry Pride, for those asking for it. We as a community have not forgotten to look out for all our members.

If anyone has any questions or concerns about any of these new articles send us a PM or comment on the article itself. Enjoy!

Introduction to Chatrooms Posted by: Mikhail at 02-05-2014 07:48 AM
Lately it came to our attention that alot of chatrooms we have here are constantly being untouched and never getting the joy of members using them.
So this is a little list/introduction to the existing chatrooms with a description of what they are here for and if they are SFW or NSFW. This is also a request that the chatrooms listed below get used as described:

• Main/General [SFW]
Here to please all your talking needs and chit chatting with friends, new members or whoever you desire to have a talk with

• Roleplaying \Clean [SFW]
The main room for those who enjoy a casual roleplay. Come in, roleplay at your hearts deaire as long as it is SFW

• Yiffing \ Danger! [NSFW]
The place for those who just like to drop their pants and have some good old snuggly passion between two or more

• Extreme \Danger [NSFW]
Everything extreme from abit of gore to some sweet little roughness in a yiff goes there

• Artistic [SFW+NSFW Art]
Everyone with an artistic side in them is welcomed to talk about it here.
Share some of your work or maybe find people that will do a comission for you, you'll definiately enjoy it if you enjoy art.

• Events/Planning [SFW] Thinking about some group meetups with some local furrs? Get together there to talk it all out and see who else is interested in a little party

• The Crooked Tail [SFW] Furrtrax's own little roleplaying bar! Here you can order some drinks or have some fun with friends and a good time, always worth checking by and seeing what's up. And the drinks there will definiately crook your tail!

• Daycare Center [SFW]
A room here for all the babyfurs or the ones who adore little floofballs. Have a funny chat there or pass out from cuteness

• Sci-fi Realm [SFW]
Anyone who enjoy scientific RP's and settings will like this room, live out some fantasy dreams abit here or have a long RP

• The Sparring Room [SFW]
If you feel like brawling abit and showing off some fighting skills then you are welcomed to step into the ring and be successfull in a fair fight

• Other [SFW]
A room for what ever other needs you have, no matter if chatting, Rping or just sharing some pics.

All Members are welcomed in the chatrooms!
Keep it fun, fair and play nice.
Any problems occuring are to be reported to any of the Mods/Admins

- The staff

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