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General News: Submit News
$25 to Amazon, or Free FurCon Admission, See the New Raffle
Posted by: DarkXander at 02-11-2015 09:10 AM
This time the winner will get a choice between $25 to Amazon.com or Admission to the Convention of their choice as long as it meets the simple rules in the Raffle Details.

For more info visit the Raffle Page

Free Account Promotions
Posted by: DarkXander at 01-29-2015 10:11 AM
From this day and forward, anyone who reports a picture on this site which shows sexy bits, genitals, or sexual actions in progress(anything pornographic) to us for removal will get Supporter Rank, BUT, if you report 20 or more, you will be eligable to recieve Donator Rank! If you have Donator Rank already, you may gift the Rank to 1 person of your choosing.

This is to cleanup the porn on the site for the moment, At this time, going forward, untill such time as i can program in a way to block minors from seeing pornographic images, they are no longer allowed on the site. They will be allowed in the future again, but not at this time.

If you have such a picture, either censor it for the time being, or remove it. As i find them, i will simply be deleting them as they are reported to me.

Collect the URL(web address) of the images you find, and Private Message them to myself, or to the Staff Contact button, If your going to go hunting for many of them, which i encourage, please submit all of them in a SINGLE message, not 20 seperate messages with 1 url each.

Happy Porn Hunting!

Forums Back Online
Posted by: DarkXander at 01-16-2015 12:05 PM
Forums are Working Again

Furry Website Hosting
Posted by: DarkXander at 01-14-2015 22:33 PM
So i had an idea come to mind, Im sure a lot of you would like to be able to customize your own profiles and add more to the site that it allows, or even add your own pages and such.

With the current setup i can offer basic webhosting of small websites for members, use it as an expansion to your profile page and link your profile to it, or use it as your own website for your own furry uses. I would host them on the backup server, so they are still programmatically seperate from the main site, and give Secure FTP access to them, as well as a custom email address.

Because i have cloudflare Pro on the site, i can include CloudFlare protection to the hosted sites as well as SSL.

Available Domains would be like this:

and 1 mysql database would also be allowed if needed for such a site.

DarkXanders Career
Posted by: DarkXander at 12-30-2014 14:23 PM
So sometime in the next week I find out if i loose my 7 year career as a Network Engineer, My company is folding, and being sold out. There is no telling whether the new owner will just dissolve us out, or keep us running for any amount of time. There have been no guarantees of employment either, and our company benefits have been terminated.

If it happens I will do my best to keep the site online, but without my job, i wont have money coming in to pay the server bills. Im hoping for the best, but not counting on it, im not fired yet. Supposedly by Jan 2nd we will know for sure.

Merry Christmas, peace on earth, and happy hollidays
Posted by: Siris at 12-24-2014 20:26 PM
From all of us to all of you, may all of you have a good time with your friends and familly and safe travels.

Spotlights: Submit News
Posted by: DarkXander at 02-17-2015 16:58 PM
Spotlights is a section of member submitted news about events, organizations, etc, that are Furry Related, or Pro Furry, or just good topics that are pertinent. You may submit news for approval by Admins.

New Homepage Layout
Posted by: DarkXander at 02-17-2015 12:48 PM
So who likes or hates the new Homepage layout with the 3 seperate news columns on the main website? Constructive reviews welcome!

PSA News: Submit News
FurrTrax and our Members are under attack!!
Posted by: DarkXander at 01-31-2015 22:00 PM
It seems a banned member from our past has come back to try to defeat and destroy us. But this time, he is not after just myself, or the site. He has begun attacking seemingly random members on the site because he is very prejudiced against our Homo-Sexual, Bi-Sexual, and Trans Members. He has been messaging mostly using KIK harrassing mostly members in either of those two demographics, but also several others who arent, and several of my staff.

I have involved the Authorities and i ask, if you have been targetted, please come forward and send screenshots or transcripts you may have to myself and they will be provided as evidence, your identitys will be kept private in this matter.

The member causing this trouble is known by a lot of names, Joe most commonly, but also, Darth Bestia, Redbull, and half of our current Hall of Shame banlist including also, Gareth, Jester, Devioz, Spartan, Briar Rydek, Gavin, Grylic, Khaos, and Sideshow727.

We recommend everyone avoid all contact with him, and forward anything he sends to you to Myself to be added to the evidence pile.

FurrTrax will not be stopped by the threats of a Activist of Hate and Prejudice. We will overcome.

MeetFurries.com Scamming their Members, Yet Another
Posted by: DarkXander at 01-26-2015 14:10 PM
I was just checking out some of our competition today and MeetFurries.com is the top advertiser for furrys on google, they must be paying google a crapton of money to get themselves on top, or doing some illegitimate stuff in the search stuff as well.

They are blatantly lying about their member counts, The Members in your area counter is just a random number that changes every 2-3 minutes, it is completely fabricated.....Here is the proof!

FurGather, perhaps not so Honest
Posted by: DarkXander at 12-09-2014 16:19 PM
So i regularly checkup on other Furry Sites, including several i assist with, and i came to notice something interesting today, FurGather, which is ""supposedly"" trying to raise $5000 to develop their site, and pay for cloudflare which they alledge they are paying 200 a month for(LIES). The thing is, They have CloudFlares Universal SSL turned on, which for free accounts, doesnt work on many browsers, and Windows XPs with Chrome or IE. This essentially proves they are in fact using the free cloudflare service.... azfurs.com recently had the same problem, but they were not trying to raise money for it or lying. To me FurGather is just another Pay Site in the making, the owner likely sees it as a way to fill his wallet using advertisements, and who knows what else futher down the line. IT is my promise to our community tho, FurrTrax will NEVER be a paysite, and will NEVER become a giant advertising billboard so long as I am the owner, and so long as hell is still at least luke warm.

Rebuttal from Owner of FurGather:
Hey there, I just found this post of yours: http://furrtrax.com/indexsub.php?module=newsview&id=103 I just wanted to clear up a couple of things that I've noticed that there was a mistake in our GoFundMe page that I did not catch before when I had someone fix up the wording. Which was part of the costs of what we pay for. I noticed on our gofundme page that it did say we pay 200 dollars for CloudFlare, which we don't actually, nor did I ever claim to be. (But I see now that someone had made a mistake when rewriting that part up for me, and I'm actually glad you pointed that out.) Anyway, I also wanted to point out that I only put 5000 dollars as to goal because while I was making the Page we had just reached 5000 members. So it was just a random number basically that I came up with. Honestly, I respect that you go around to furry sites and find things that they lie about and what not. But really, what we do pay for right now is $70 monthly for the server, $90 yearly in domain names (this includes more than just .com just to keep them from being used by other people) and lastly a one time payment of $99 for PHPStorm which I use to work on the site. We do have other things we hope to pay for later on, but, that's only if we are able to either raise enough money for the site or bring in enough revenue. The site will always stay free, we only accept donations, and charge for advertisement. So no user HAS to pay at all.. Anyway, I just wanted to try to clear some of those things up with is all.

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