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Site Downtime yesterday and today Posted by: DarkXander at 08-12-2014 09:04 AM
Im having issues with the Traffic controls on the server and im not quite sure why, im looking into it. Were not under attack or anything the Traffic manager just keeps getting confused and relaying page requests to site 0, which doesnt exist.... Ill figure it out, in the mean time just bear with us.

Badges, Avatars, not updating or not uploading...FIXED Posted by: DarkXander at 08-10-2014 21:06 PM
Sorry Guys the permissions for upload were set wrong after the server rebuild, it was allowing some but not all. Should now be fixed!

My Birthday Posted by: DarkXander at 08-04-2014 10:56 AM
I had a small gathering of those who are close to me on Sunday and had a quiet but happy birthday yesterday, First one in three years that hasnt ended in trouble. Just FYI

Another smear campaign Posted by: DarkXander at 07-30-2014 20:02 PM
Seems someone is going around telling members we are using their IP addresses to trace their real home addresses and spy on them, as well as sharing this info with third partys. Pretty sure i know who but im not going to dignify them with a mention. Anyway, as anyone in the IT field knows, its not possible to just trace an IP address to someones home address. Most commonly you can only get down to the city their in, sometimes down to a dozen square blocks, but sometimes only down to what state their in.

In the case of suicide threats or threats against other members or the site and its staff, we can and will use geolocation data to provide to the necessary authorities for the safety of members, staff, etc.

Do we store peoples home addresses? NO!
Do moderators have access to geolocation data? NO!
Do we send your information to anyone without serious incidental reason? NO!
Do we go around lurking on any of your living arangements or other nonsense? NO!
What would we have to gain by doing any of this nonsence? No idea......

Site Downtime and Technical Troubles Posted by: DarkXander at 07-26-2014 19:42 PM
So the site is up on a backup server for the moment, nothing was lost from furrtrax. I would have had the system all back up normal except aparently theres a CentOS bug in version 5 with running the OS from an SSD, it installed but is horribly laggy even on a super fast ssd, some kinda glitch.....

once i have that glitch worked out the site will go back to its original server which is physically repaired.

Furry Radar Show Users Location Data Posted by: DarkXander at 07-24-2014 09:47 AM
Would anyone use an option to enable showing of your GPS location to the public, in the form of a google map, it would be an option to turn on and off, could be usefull for those who host events to just turn on their GPS public viewable while at the event, just wondering if i should spend time on such a feature or if noone would ever use it.

Or should i instead make a feature map that will show locations, malls, businesses that are furry friendly?

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