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FurGather, perhaps not so Honest Posted by: DarkXander at 12-09-2014 16:19 PM
So i regularly checkup on other Furry Sites, including several i assist with, and i came to notice something interesting today, FurGather, which is ""supposedly"" trying to raise $5000 to develop their site, and pay for cloudflare which they alledge they are paying 200 a month for(LIES). The thing is, They have CloudFlares Universal SSL turned on, which for free accounts, doesnt work on many browsers, and Windows XPs with Chrome or IE. This essentially proves they are in fact using the free cloudflare service.... azfurs.com recently had the same problem, but they were not trying to raise money for it or lying. To me FurGather is just another Pay Site in the making, the owner likely sees it as a way to fill his wallet using advertisements, and who knows what else futher down the line. IT is my promise to our community tho, FurrTrax will NEVER be a paysite, and will NEVER become a giant advertising billboard so long as I am the owner, and so long as hell is still at least luke warm.

Attack on Furry Convention, MidWest FurrFest Posted by: DarkXander at 12-08-2014 01:02 AM
Reports are coming in that there was an Attack on attendees of the Midwest FurrFest Convention yesterday. According to investigators, Chlorine Gas was released in a stairwell inside the Hotel/Convention Center intentionally by a currently unknown assailant. I personally consider this kind of willfull actions with direct intent to cause harm to others synonymous with an act of Terrorism again the Furry Community, And against those of which many i call friends, aquaintences, and family.

If anyone has any information about who might have committed this hostile crime, im sure the authorities are already looking to speak with you, but you may also pass the information to me if you would choose to remain anonymous, and i can pass it to the proper authorities! I have old connections to a few government agencies and i can make sure it is passed on correctly.

MSN.com Link to News Article

Were Back, on the Backup Server, FurrTrax Needs Help! Posted by: DarkXander at 12-03-2014 18:26 PM
So were back online, and i believe 100% functional, but the main server is down again, this time we can blame a faulty SSD.

SSDs normally last far longer than rotational hard disks, but this one didnt.

Ill be footing the Cost to Repair it again myself, IF anyone can chip in a donation to help even a little,
I would be more then gratefull.

As per the norm, any donation of $5 or more gets a custom email address.

FurrTrax Video Chat Posted by: DarkXander at 11-30-2014 01:11 AM
FurrTrax main website has Live Video Chat, find it on the chatroom list at the top, BETA.

Raffle Winners have been Drawn, See the group page! Posted by: DarkXander at 11-29-2014 00:22 AM
Oliviabright---$20 Grand Prize Winner
Kusafox--------Donator Rank Winner 5
Shadow---------Donator Rank Winner 4
Absenthine-----Donator Rank Winner 3
Kilynn---------Donator Rank Winner 2
Cedric---------Donator Rank Winner 1

Member Entrys:
DarkXander, Tobazipan, Lauren, Alucard, JevaktheFox, Val, TheShadowfox, seanz, Spots, CyanideCarnation, Katsumaru, KurroeSharpclaw, SahmohtFeuersturm, Zed, Alysathepuppy, firestorm121, Soner, Magrant141, Theiron, Sleyer, Lutero, ☢koreyredleopard☣, TacoCosmicTiger, Avo, Ather, KattheLeopardess, IssidoreLDucasse, Mr.Knives, KodonFrostpaw, wolfybuffs, BishupSharjakstae, Colten822, OracleSage, Rawrt, MikeFurry, Couragen, IceyEnzo, Vanilor, Mr.Twinky, Draenard, Nomad, SlanterAscendant, Zephy, GaugeMutt, KungfuKitty, DeltaStarfire, LadyBitch, Sanima, Snowyvillan, Baclk, мιѕѕ.ραи∂σяα, frost, ☯FlameWolf, JamesLayton, Shade, Xemnas, Kittora, 💖SweetPuppy💖, Dyingmoon, Kix, Sebastian, RinrickPrinceofLy'sis, ĐĘŻŻĄŘÆ, scar, Winterfang, SythamAmethyst, Corrosive, wolfe, Frost-Renamon, shikakuspark, Brian, darkwolf, fritz, DanderShadownight, yolahola, Ӂ̴NeoxtheFallen, BOBCAMO, RoseBudd, Ziek, Kyubimon, PupNexx, AbellaBish💋, Reaper, Mangy, XenosBlade, fuzz, SheekuSama, KiloFox, CrimsonNightmare, EmøCuttle, AxelDonau, Orion, MalacathKirkorian, AnthorEyulf, XanKronas, Forlore, Owen, theo_the_husky, SirTrenton, Reed, JakDenvor, Inuxis, kelvinwolf, SwiftWhyte, UzziahParker, Camry, Alikarin, Cail, Jade,

FurrTrax Hits 10,000 Members Today Posted by: DarkXander at 11-19-2014 10:56 AM
We have finally reached 10,000 members today! Its been a long road, lets keep it going!
Free Supporter Rank to Anyone who Replys to this news post with good comments.

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