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Topic NameLast Reply
The Incubus Fen 3
Started By:Marxy Fox
By: Chandler
at: 05-27-2015 19:36 PM
A batty Bat
Started By:Chandler
By: Chandler
at: 05-27-2015 19:25 PM
Yo all whats your favoite game
Started By:Riffy
By: Zuu
at: 05-27-2015 18:08 PM
Echofox90 Shadow Redstar Scott McComsey Sexual Harrassment
Started By:AnonDragon
By: Riley Collins
at: 05-27-2015 10:18 AM
Random Coyote walking around
Started By:Radley E. Coyote
By: Riley Collins
at: 05-26-2015 09:17 AM

General News: Submit News
FurrTrax Gamma Project - IOS/Apple App
Posted by: DarkXander at 05-20-2015 08:50 AM
For those of you with Iphones, Ipads, Ipods, etc. I have gotten an estimate to get a IOS App for FurrTrax made from the source code of the new Gamma Android App. So you would enjoy push notifications just like everyone on android. The problem is, thanks to Apples Money Grubbing it will cost us about $200-250 to complete and put in the Apple Store.

Obviously i cant foot that cost myself, the breakdown is 100-150 for the Development of the App by a professional App Designer, I have used this team for part of the Gamma App and they said they could have the app done as soon as a week or two. The problem is Even once the App is built, I would have to BUY an Apple Developer Account, to be able to post it on their store. That costs $100-125 per year. I dont know if there are enough Apple Users on FurrTrax to justify $250 dollors that i really dont have to spare in the budget. Feedback? Donations toward the cost?

FurrTrax Gamma Project
Posted by: DarkXander at 05-18-2015 13:00 PM
We have a new mobile app in the pipeline, codenamed FurrTrax Gamma, the first release will be for Android, and will feature Push Notifications, and if all goes to plan, IOS Support will follow soon after! No ETA yet, just keep an eye out for the news. I just finished building the new API that this app will use to talk to the FurrTrax Mainframe so now production can continue.

New Forums FurrTrax Style
Posted by: DarkXander at 05-14-2015 12:02 PM
The new forum system i have been working on is now open, find it on the main website. It is fully built by me, right into the FurrTrax system, fully integrated unlike the original phpbb forum now known as the old forum. The new one will not have any of the permissions screwups of the other one, and runs considerably lighter than phpbbs fat codebase.

Now that the forum is fully integrated it will also allow me to make a lot more features and options that integrate between the forums and other parts of the site instead of litterally injecting furrtrax member logins to PHPBBs seperate database.

Im sure there a few bugs in the new forum, and it isnt 100% finished, editting of posts, and deleting of posts is currently off because those features are not quite finished yet but be patient.

Accounts and Logging In
Posted by: DarkXander at 05-07-2015 16:57 PM
As of now, you can now login on Mobile and Full Website with your E-Mail Address and Password, or you Username and Password, both will work now. Also, Recover Password has been given an E-Mail address option as well for those who cant remember their usernames exact spelling. Hopefully this helps. There is also an E-Mail verification prior to getting a new account, to prevent multiple accounts from being created under the same E-Mail Account.

Free Donator Rank, First 10 to Complete this Task
Posted by: DarkXander at 04-23-2015 12:27 PM
1. Add this to your FurAffinity Signature, replacing (member) with your member number:
[URL="http://furrtrax.com/indexsub.php?module=profile&user=(member)"]View my Profile on FurrTrax[/URL]
2. Have at least 20 posts on FurAffinity. Or go make 20 Posts. They must all show the signature below them.
3. Send me a PM with links to your posts so i can verify.
4. You get promoted to Donator.

First 10 to complete this!

WIN $10, Bling FurrTrax.com on FA, Rules Apply.
Posted by: DarkXander at 03-23-2015 14:04 PM
If someone can nail the First Reply to FurAffinitys next news release, with a favorable mention to FurrTrax.com, i will paypal you 10 bucks. or 5 bucks if its in the top 3.
Limit 1 payout per person. 3 winners total allowed.
Post one anywhere else in their news and earn supporter rank, Just provide a link to your post in a PM.

Spotlights: Submit News
FurrTrax Charity Outreach
Posted by: DarkXander at 04-02-2015 22:18 PM
Starting now untill may 1st anyone who donates to PAWS4Jenn.com will get full Donator Rank on FurrTrax. Simply visit PAWS4JENN.COM and use the Paypal link near the top. Then send me the transaction ID in a private message. Help us support a great cause, the average service dog costs between $17,000 and $20,000 due to the intensive training they need.

FurAffinity.net has sold out, is now owned by IMVU
Posted by: DarkXander at 03-19-2015 14:22 PM
Well im not completely suprised to see apparently their old owners are cashing out, As of January it seems IMVU owns FurAffinity, interestingly they withheld this information for some time tho. Im sure everyone involved in the sale will say its not about money, its about making the service better, but somehow i seriously doubt that little story will hold forever. Big boys flashed the cash, and the owners caved.

Im curious to see how long it takes for all the user advertisments to get diluted with other more monetarily beneficial ads from IMVU and their partners.

Posted by: DarkXander at 02-17-2015 16:58 PM
Spotlights is a section of member submitted news about events, organizations, etc, that are Furry Related, or Pro Furry, or just good topics that are pertinent. You may submit news for approval by Admins.

New Homepage Layout
Posted by: DarkXander at 02-17-2015 12:48 PM
So who likes or hates the new Homepage layout with the 3 seperate news columns on the main website? Constructive reviews welcome!

PSA News: Submit News
Staff Nominations
Posted by: DarkXander at 03-27-2015 17:33 PM
Nominate someone you think would make a good moderator, or content approval person, nominating yourself is discouraged. Creating a new account to nominate yourself = ban

Where did FurAffinity Donations go
Posted by: DarkXander at 03-25-2015 08:49 AM
So like many of you i have a few serious questions for FA Leadership ATM, and not so much about what the future will hold, but, what exactly became of all the donation money FA just raised that Dragoneer had custody of? Is it in his pocket, did those moneys become property of IMVU? IF IMVU is the owner of the site now, and paying its bills, shouldnt the donations go back to their sources? Where did thousands in Donations by the Furry Community end up when FA SOLD OUT?

2 Harmfull Users have been banned, Website/Profiles Defaced.
Posted by: DarkXander at 03-16-2015 09:03 AM
If you were one of the Members whos Profile Comments section was dececrated and spammed up by Soren Shepard, and Victor, then we appoligize for the trouble they caused.

For unknown reasons these two users began a tag team style campaign to attack Numerous FurrTrax members, but they singled out one in particular for reasons yet unknown, and spammed the users comments section with Hate Speech, and all number of bad things.

Upon contacting Soren Shepard and issuing an official warning, he told Xander, the head admin, "Back OFF, or else!". He then tried to play nice and talk the situation down and convince me it
was resolved and over, which it obviously wasnt.

They continued their little campaign, and then maybe as a shot at saving the situation, Victor tried to cover for Soren, saying, Someone else is using his account, that isnt him. But IP Trace and Useragent both confirm its his primary device doing this. And then Soren admitted it himself before telling me to "(racist N word), Fuckin' ban me, you mother fucker!"

His request was granted immediatly, and carried over for Victor as well.

This kind of behavior is completely in-human and i believe these two attack others to feed their own need for attention, they will not be missed, and if anyone else exhibits these actions, report them immediatly.

FurrTrax and our Members are under attack!!
Posted by: DarkXander at 01-31-2015 22:00 PM
It seems a banned member from our past has come back to try to defeat and destroy us. But this time, he is not after just myself, or the site. He has begun attacking seemingly random members on the site because he is very prejudiced against our Homo-Sexual, Bi-Sexual, and Trans Members. He has been messaging mostly using KIK harrassing mostly members in either of those two demographics, but also several others who arent, and several of my staff.

I have involved the Authorities and i ask, if you have been targetted, please come forward and send screenshots or transcripts you may have to myself and they will be provided as evidence, your identitys will be kept private in this matter.

The member causing this trouble is known by a lot of names, Joe most commonly, but also, Darth Bestia, Redbull, and half of our current Hall of Shame banlist including also, Gareth, Jester, Devioz, Spartan, Briar Rydek, Gavin, Grylic, Khaos, and Sideshow727.

We recommend everyone avoid all contact with him, and forward anything he sends to you to Myself to be added to the evidence pile.

FurrTrax will not be stopped by the threats of a Activist of Hate and Prejudice. We will overcome.

MeetFurries.com Scamming their Members, Yet Another
Posted by: DarkXander at 01-26-2015 14:10 PM
I was just checking out some of our competition today and MeetFurries.com is the top advertiser for furrys on google, they must be paying google a crapton of money to get themselves on top, or doing some illegitimate stuff in the search stuff as well.

They are blatantly lying about their member counts, The Members in your area counter is just a random number that changes every 2-3 minutes, it is completely fabricated.....Here is the proof!
Play Video Article Now

FurGather, perhaps not so Honest
Posted by: DarkXander at 12-09-2014 16:19 PM
So i regularly checkup on other Furry Sites, including several i assist with, and i came to notice something interesting today, FurGather, which is ""supposedly"" trying to raise $5000 to develop their site, and pay for cloudflare which they alledge they are paying 200 a month for(LIES). The thing is, They have CloudFlares Universal SSL turned on, which for free accounts, doesnt work on many browsers, and Windows XPs with Chrome or IE. This essentially proves they are in fact using the free cloudflare service.... azfurs.com recently had the same problem, but they were not trying to raise money for it or lying. To me FurGather is just another Pay Site in the making, the owner likely sees it as a way to fill his wallet using advertisements, and who knows what else futher down the line. IT is my promise to our community tho, FurrTrax will NEVER be a paysite, and will NEVER become a giant advertising billboard so long as I am the owner, and so long as hell is still at least luke warm.

Rebuttal from Owner of FurGather:
Hey there, I just found this post of yours: http://furrtrax.com/indexsub.php?module=newsview&id=103 I just wanted to clear up a couple of things that I've noticed that there was a mistake in our GoFundMe page that I did not catch before when I had someone fix up the wording. Which was part of the costs of what we pay for. I noticed on our gofundme page that it did say we pay 200 dollars for CloudFlare, which we don't actually, nor did I ever claim to be. (But I see now that someone had made a mistake when rewriting that part up for me, and I'm actually glad you pointed that out.) Anyway, I also wanted to point out that I only put 5000 dollars as to goal because while I was making the Page we had just reached 5000 members. So it was just a random number basically that I came up with. Honestly, I respect that you go around to furry sites and find things that they lie about and what not. But really, what we do pay for right now is $70 monthly for the server, $90 yearly in domain names (this includes more than just .com just to keep them from being used by other people) and lastly a one time payment of $99 for PHPStorm which I use to work on the site. We do have other things we hope to pay for later on, but, that's only if we are able to either raise enough money for the site or bring in enough revenue. The site will always stay free, we only accept donations, and charge for advertisement. So no user HAS to pay at all.. Anyway, I just wanted to try to clear some of those things up with is all.

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