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Online in Last 24 Hours: 317 Members | Unique Guests: 98 | Most Online Ever: 487 on 06-25-2014 12:59 PM
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Site Downtime and Technical Troubles Posted by: DarkXander at 07-26-2014 20:42 PM
So the site is up on a backup server for the moment, nothing was lost from furrtrax. I would have had the system all back up normal except aparently theres a CentOS bug in version 5 with running the OS from an SSD, it installed but is horribly laggy even on a super fast ssd, some kinda glitch.....

once i have that glitch worked out the site will go back to its original server which is physically repaired.

Furry Radar Show Users Location Data Posted by: DarkXander at 07-24-2014 10:47 AM
Would anyone use an option to enable showing of your GPS location to the public, in the form of a google map, it would be an option to turn on and off, could be usefull for those who host events to just turn on their GPS public viewable while at the event, just wondering if i should spend time on such a feature or if noone would ever use it.

Or should i instead make a feature map that will show locations, malls, businesses that are furry friendly?

Harrassment Problem Posted by: DarkXander at 07-02-2014 23:04 PM
Just to let people know, For repeated harrassment of members and 2 mods, I am permanently Banning JasperJones, Who has been pretending to be several people, including, Kevin Kalms, horse, Kalms Chaos, ShowOffChaos, Ken ShowMen, LaidToRest4Good, Leon Colors, FadedButNotForgott, EaterOfWorlds, Cream, EaterOfWorldsV2, and Kevin.

He has been using all these accounts to stay under the radar while he pulls his little ploys to cause trouble, and harrass people, but i was able to compare IPs, Device Codes, and GPS data and track it all back to him. I am banning all his Device Codes, IPs, etc.

Hack Contest & Security Updates to Avatar Uploader Posted by: DarkXander at 06-26-2014 12:39 PM
I have performed a few security updates to the avatar upload system in the Website, Mobile Site, and App, which should prevent anyone from uploading image files tainted with virus or exploit code as well as prevent the upload of some damaged image files. I would appreciate if some people on the Website and Mobile Site would upload a few avatars, they can be the same ones your already using, And report any issues if you have trouble, i want to ensure everything still works great. I used the microsoft bot account to upload a few contaminated files and it successfully detected and blocked them.

Contest: I know several members on here who are White-Hats, Black-Hats, Etc, and a few who think their are but dont have a clue Anyway I offer a challenge to you all, with Rules of course!
1. Find an exploit on this site, WITHOUT causing harm to the site, and submit it via PM to me and me ALONE!
2. Get Donator Rank for your contribution of time to helping improve our Security System
3. Leaking of any Exploit Information is grounds for a BAN, and possible legal action, Please Guys, Play by the Rules!
4. Causing Serious Damage is also grounds for a BAN, and possible legal action.

As i recieve reports from people i will build in protection for the exploits myself as i wrote the entire codebase single handedly, i have most of it memorized.

Second Life FurrTrax! Posted by: 📎 Leon Schäfer at 06-22-2014 15:37 PM
Hello everyone,

Ive set up a Second Life group for staying connected to your FurrTrax friends, or making new ones!

The group name is FurrTrax, and its free to join with the chat-room enabled. Feel free to suggest new group titles while slots last. This group has no land-holdings, as the rates are "Too Damn High."

The group key!

~Leon Schäfer

Lets get some Truth flowing, Someone is spreading false rumors. Posted by: DarkXander at 06-05-2014 10:38 AM
1. Someone has been spouting that we review all private messages, and read through them, and that your messages are not private at all....
--The truth is that we dont monitor private messaging at all, period, nor is there any log of messages. Once deleted, there gone forever. The posting of messages
relating the the little scheme between dark wolf and darklion was taken out of DrFurrys inbox after i discovered it was him by accident. Had he not made a mistake I might not have caught onto the scheme before the messages could have been deleted. The only other time we open a users inbox is if a harrassment case is openned, and both parties claim the other is guilty, we use it to get to the truth. PMs are not recorded anywhere but in the users inbox directly. I did paste togeather the page a bit to show their back and fourth conversations.

2. Someone is going around saying FurrTrax plug is going to get pulled, or that i was going to pull it, not quite sure honestly where this ones from.....
--Nope, Nada, not happenning. The project is too important to me for me to cast it asside. I built the site to help the community and so it shall continue to do.

3. Continued harrassment of the site by DrFurry aka Dark wolf, aka meh, and DarkLion supposedly because im lying about everything.
--DrFurry has a long standing Vendetta against me, i know pieces of why, but not the most of it, and he is obscessed with ridiculing and ruining the site, and my reputations possibly just because he thinks he can, im at a loss beyond that, and the fact i banned him previously for causing a lot of chat drama. He has made some form of alliance with DarkLion who was a moderator at the time, to work behind my back to accomplish their little goals untill i discovered DrFurrys new account, and the whole plan backfired on them and this whole fiasco started.

I will add more if it comes to light, im honestly so sick of this crap but im done letting those two upset me, im going to try to be the bigger person, and just block them as they re-register, and hope eventually they learn they are letting life pass them by while they keep working on their vendettas against us.....

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