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MeetFurries.com Scamming their Members, Yet Another Posted by: DarkXander at 01-26-2015 14:10 PM
I was just checking out some of our competition today and MeetFurries.com is the top advertiser for furrys on google, they must be paying google a crapton of money to get themselves on top, or doing some illegitimate stuff in the search stuff as well.

They are blatantly lying about their member counts, The Members in your area counter is just a random number that changes every 2-3 minutes, it is completely fabricated.....Here is the proof!

FurrTrax and You Posted by: ¢σяяσѕινє at 01-18-2015 01:37 AM
This site is ran on United States soil. It follows and complies with laws in the United States, and the Yiff room is meant for 18+. I am personally start enforcing this. Now please note, yiff room is for adult chat, a few months ago, General was the main chat room and it has been switching back and forth. We do have users under 18, and the community has people of all ages, pick a chat most appropriate for you, and follow the sites rules.

On another note, racism is a no no, there is such thing as cultural differences, and they can/will conflict with how you are raised. This site uses U.S. as a reference, but that doesn't not give you the right to insult another country's view, as this is the perspective of others.

Be nice, or don't go out to play.

If you have any questions please comment or send a message.

Forums Back Online Posted by: DarkXander at 01-16-2015 12:05 PM
Forums are Working Again

Furry Website Hosting Posted by: DarkXander at 01-14-2015 22:33 PM
So i had an idea come to mind, Im sure a lot of you would like to be able to customize your own profiles and add more to the site that it allows, or even add your own pages and such.

With the current setup i can offer basic webhosting of small websites for members, use it as an expansion to your profile page and link your profile to it, or use it as your own website for your own furry uses. I would host them on the backup server, so they are still programmatically seperate from the main site, and give Secure FTP access to them, as well as a custom email address.

Because i have cloudflare Pro on the site, i can include CloudFlare protection to the hosted sites as well as SSL.

Available Domains would be like this:

and 1 mysql database would also be allowed if needed for such a site.

DarkXanders Career Posted by: DarkXander at 12-30-2014 14:23 PM
So sometime in the next week I find out if i loose my 7 year career as a Network Engineer, My company is folding, and being sold out. There is no telling whether the new owner will just dissolve us out, or keep us running for any amount of time. There have been no guarantees of employment either, and our company benefits have been terminated.

If it happens I will do my best to keep the site online, but without my job, i wont have money coming in to pay the server bills. Im hoping for the best, but not counting on it, im not fired yet. Supposedly by Jan 2nd we will know for sure.

Merry Christmas, peace on earth, and happy hollidays Posted by: Siris at 12-24-2014 20:26 PM
From all of us to all of you, may all of you have a good time with your friends and familly and safe travels.

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